Where Are My Bark Around The Park Photos?

Since the end of the “Bark Around the Park” event we have received numerous calls and emails regarding the photos that were taken at the event. Two weeks prior to the event we were notified that the photographer that we hired had a scheduling conflict and booked a wedding at the same time. We scrambled to find a photographer and found one with a professional studio near Millbrook Exchange Park. This photographer was arrested within 48 hours after the event. The photographs have been taken by the Raleigh Police Department and at this point we are being told that we will be unable to retrieve them. Like all of you we were shocked and astonished. There were no signs or indications that the potential for such actions would or could possibly exist. We sincerely apologize for the disappointment that these series of events have caused you. We understand that to you this was a waste of time. We apologize for that inconvenience. It was our sincere desire to provide for you a small token for you to remember the event by. Please accept my personal apology. Humbly and Sincerely, Linda Craft

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