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Something For The Record Books….

I was listening to the radio early this morning and heard about this strange bit of news so I thought I would share it with you. It will certainly go down at least in my books as one of the most interesting stories I have heard in a while. I found it online at

Drunk wheelchair driver sentenced in court
Fri, Jun 2007 8:30a.m.






A Canadian man pulled over on his way home from the pub in his mother’s motorised wheelchair has been sentenced in court.

35-year-old Patrick Shanahan was fined and placed on probation by a Toronto court in the impaired driving case.

Shanahan had complained he did not need a license to operate the wheelchair, so wondered how he could be charged.

The self-described alcoholic, who has a prior impaired driving conviction – not in a wheelchair – later admitted he should not have been driving the wheelchair drunk.

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