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City of Raleigh Lawn Irrigation Rules

My grandmother once won the blue ribbon at the Florida State Fair for her orchids. junebug.jpg Her whole yard used to be filled with beautiful flowers throughout the entire year. She passed this gene down to my mother, which then passed me and attached itself to one of my younger brothers . I am sadly to say among the many (so I am told) who have yet to find or discover their green thumbs. I am the one at the local hardware stores and nurseries where the employees happily greet me every few months knowing that alas, I have killed another set of plants and need to buy some more. Of course my dear friend, Sue, always tells me that “a little bit of water every day sure would help….” Yes, I do need to try and remember that.

With the lack of rain that has come this year the City of Raleigh has announced that effective July 2 we are under a year round Irrigation Schedule.

For automatic, non-automatic, and hose end sprinklers (e.g. impact, soaker hoses, single stream, and multi steam type sprinklers)

ODD addresses can irrigate: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

EVEN addresses can irrigate: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday

Other water uses are allowed 7 days a week- check out the specifics at

I hope that you are having a happy Monday!


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