Are You Wondering How to Contest Your New Wake County Tax Appreciation?

If you are wondering how you can contest your new Wake County tax value here are some tips:

First go to the Wake County webite, Click on Tax, Property & Maps. Print your entire tax report and look for errors. I find errors on every Wake County property report. Keep in mind that the Wake County tax assessor does not come out and physically enter homes. They do not measure every home. I would be shocked if they even drove down the street where your home is located. Trust me; there are errors on your tax record. But be careful so you do not report the errors unless they help you. If they say your square feet is 2,000 and you know you have 2,500 your taxes will go up higher if your report that type of error. The square footage on the tax records are wrong 95% of the time. If your home is smaller than the posted square feet, your tax value will come down. Look for bathroom count. If they have you listed with more bathrooms than you actually have, this will be another adjustment.

Next look at the most recent sold properties in your area. All sold properties can be found on the same web site mentioned above. Click on real estate data to see the value of homes sold around yours. Keep in mind their square feet will not be right either but, if the tax office report shows a home similar in size to yours that sold recently and at a price lower than your new tax value, you have a strong case to get your value reduced.

Last, if you have a recent appraisal of your home that shows a lower value you can also use this. If you refinanced, got an equity line or purchased your home in the past couple of years that appraisal will have a lot of merit for your battle. If you did not get a copy of your appraisal call the lending institute you worked with. They should be able to get you a copy. After all you paid for it so you are entitled to have a copy.

These are all tried and true tips that have worked in the past. I hope they will work for you too. Remember you only have 30 days to appeal so do not procrastinate or you will be stuck with the new tax value for the next 7 years.

The last idea I have (but I do not know if it will work) is to try to talk Wake County tax office down by using Wake County appreciation rates. We know that the past 7 years Wake County as a whole has averaged approximately 4.% appreciation. Some areas have been higher and the tax office will know how will your Township has preformed. Your Township is listed on your tax record. Different Townships have different appreciation rates so if you are going to pull out that card make sure you have the answer. Please email me for a township appreciation rate chart.

I hope this helps you fight the good fight.

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