Linda Craft Team Moves to Six Forks Location

We are so excitsix_forks.jpged to be in our new office at 7300 Six Forks Road. All the months of planning and the exhausting move itself is finally over. We now feel like we are at home. Everything is in place, the pictures are hung and life has begun for the Linda Craft Team in our new location. For those of you who have moved recently you know that feeling very well. I always tell everyone on my Team we all need to move frequently so we can relate better to our clients and their total exhaustion on moving week.

This move combined fitting out an office building, repaving a parking lot, bringing in a new phone system and updating all the wiring to accommodate our phones and computer need, moving a server, setting up 19 computers, installing flat screens in the conference rooms, plus all the desks, chairs and files and normal things you think of in an office.

Our move began at 5:00 on a Friday and by noon on Saturday every desk was in the office and set up for business. We actually accomplished all of this with only having our phones shut down for one hour. I also sold two homes Saturday morning and my sellers raced into the office to see who would get to go down in history as the first sale in the new office. They were troopers climbing over boxes to find a place to sit down and sign the contract. Oh by the way…the winner was a seller in Cary.

One of the things that really helped this move go so smoothly was the Team itself. They all pitched in and played a vital part. Brenda had the forethought to hire our appraiser to draw the floor plan and desk configurations and she had each desk placed in the room the way it was to sit. She then numbered each desk, credenza, chair etc. The movers, (Marrin’s Movers) said this really made it easy for them. All of our desks are cherry so I am sure it would have been really confusing to them if it wasn’t marked so well. Debra and Christina volunteered to set up the kitchen. Everyone else packed their own desk and unpacked them. It was a busy day that was ended with an exhausted Team and their spouses enjoying pizza and a champagne toast at the end of a very long day moving day.

I am sure you have some moving experiences or organizational ideas of your own. Please share them with us. If you are in the neighborhood please stop by and see our new home. We will serve you a cold bottle of water or a hot cup of coffee from our Internet Café conference room. 7300 Six Forks Road Raleigh. The corner of Six Forks and Newton. If you get lost call us: 919-235-0007

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