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Raleigh Real Estate Values Just Increased

For a second straight year Raleigh, N.C. has been awarded the number one spot for Best Places for Businesses and Careers by Forbes Magazine. Business costs are 14% below the national average, and the area boasts one of the most educated labor supplies in the country, with 38% of the adult population possessing a college degree and 12% holding a graduate degree. Raleigh’s secret is out, and people continue to flock to the area. 60% ofistock_000003250471small.jpg Linda Craft and Team, REALTORS buyer sales so far this year have been relocation. Every time we rank high on the best places to live list, it’s like putting money in the bank for you if, you are a homeowner. People all over the world read Forbes Magazine and many of them are looking for places to live and raise a family where the quality of life and employment opportunities are better. It never fails when and article such as this one hits the stand our relocation traffic increases. One of the reasons our home values have not plummeted like other areas is because of the buyers continuing to relocate here. Say thank you to Forbes because articles like this helps all of us. Now our part is to remember when someone moves into our neighborhood to greet them with southern charm and hospitality. When I call my closed buyers I love hearing them tell stories of how several neighbors came by and brought cookies, bread, pies to welcome them to the neighborhood. Did that happen to you when you moved in? It was certainly my experience in 1983 when I relocated to Raleigh and has been my experience every time I move to a new neighborhood in Raleigh.

Forbes has helped us out with positive national news again. On this blog you can help by telling the world your story too. If you love Raleigh and have a story to tell about your relocation please post it here. The world is wondering as they read Forbes if Raleigh is really as good as the magazines say it is. I know I had my doubts when I moved here. My REALTOR kept telling me how great the weather was and how friendly the people are in Raleigh. She was so right! 70’s and sun shining again in beautiful Raleigh.

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