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Pricing a Raleigh Home

It Takes Four Things For Every Homeowner to Sell a Raleigh Home:

1.   A Compelling Price

2.   Condition

3.   Access

4.   A good marketing agent

Many sellers today feel very beat up and out of control in this challenging and competitive Raleigh real estate market. Many Raleigh home sellers get mad at their real estate agents when their homes do not sell but, the truth is the REALTOR has very little control. As a seller you decide the list price, how easy or difficult you’re going to ake it for us to show; you decide whether or not you are going to put it in good showing condition; you decide whether or not you’re going to be cooperative on financing options and closing cost. Your REALTOR does not decide any of that and neither does the buyer. You’re in 100% control. Additionally, your REALTOR can’t make the buyer pay what you might want, any more than your REALTOR can make you take what they buyer offers. You’re in control- you have the final say over the sale of the house. Your REALTOR’S  job is to advise you, give you the truth about current market conditions, market your home aggressively to generate leads and follow up on every lead to create opportunities for an offer.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss strategies in this current real estate market, please give me a call at 919.235.0007 or send me an email.


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