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Are Bathtubs Really Needed Here In Raleigh?

I received this bathroom remodeling question from a client and thought you might be wondering the same thing.

Dear Linda,

I’m not ready to move anytime soon but when I do, you will be the listing agent so I figure I better ask your opinion now. We are remodeling our master bath. We’ve put down tile floors, a marble shower, new vanities, new mirrors, new light fixtures…..but we took out the garden tub we neverbathroom use and don’t want to replace it. We were thinking a window bench that lifted up for storage or something like that. Is that going to kill our resale? Do you have any ideas for the space that the tub used to be in? We paid $232,000 for our house almost 4 years ago. We have done too many upgrades (just like in our last house!!!). Granite in the kitchen, new windows, new hot water heater, tile floors in all the bathrooms. We have so many nice upgrades but are we making a big mistake not having a tub in the master bath?


My Response Drawn From 25 Years of Working as A Real Estate Agent in Raleigh

Hi Ava,

I am sure your house is beautiful just like the last one I sold for you. The bathroom remodel sounds very nice but, you really, really need at least a garden tub. I have seen many people chose to not buy a house because it didn’t have a bath tub in the master. I know we never have time to use them but, people want them just in case.

Please let me know if you have anymore questions as it is always my pleasure to help you.


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