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Linda, Why Did You Send Me This Report About Other Real Estate Homes In Raleigh?

Every week my team provides a weekly report to all of our current sellers.  The report covers where we market their home, how many showings they have received, what the feedback is from their real estate home showings, etc.   We also include a report on what their local competition is from a buyer’s perspective here in the Greater Raleigh Area Real Estate Market.  I thought you might have a question on this too so I thought I would share.


The location of the houses you sent and used in my weekly home competition report concerns me. I am actually familiar with this subdivision off of Rock Quarry Road. Yes, the houses are similar, but the area is not.

Boblarge raleigh map

Hi Bob,

I understand your analysis of different locations as well as your concern. However, please note that my search comes direct from MLS and it pulls only your MLS area which is about a 5 mile radius. It also pulls your price bracket. The way this search was created for you is exactly the way a buyer and a REALTOR searches for homes to consider viewing in person. Someone relocating or not familiar with the area is not going to judge this search as you have. To them all these houses for sale will appear equal until they schedule an appointment to see them in person.

If A Home Is Not Competitive Online Then No One Will Come To See It In Person

The challenge I have in marketing your home and getting them through your front door is; if your house is not competitive on a computer screen they may not select your house to see at all. This is why it is important to look at everything in your area the way a buyer searches for home and be competitive with all. If they select your home to view in person and the other home in the neighborhood you feel is inferior they may draw the same conclusion you have and your house wins the sale. However, if they do not choose your house because it doesn’t “appear” to be a good value you have no chance of winning the sale.

My Job As Your Real Estate Marketing Agent Is To Get You “In The Market” And Not Just On The Market.

Other sellers always affect your ability to sell because home buying decisions begin online and not in person. Hope this helps to clarify the search data that was sent to you.


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