Top 10 Reasons Why Selling Your House in This Market is Like Winning The Super Bowl [Quick List]

Since football season is drawing to a close I thought I would share my Top 10 Reasons why selling your house in this market is like winning the Super Bowl

1. Penalties:

 The winning Super Bowl Team knows the rules of the game and avoids penalties. Real estate has penalties too, if you don’t follow the rules. Contract disputes, loop-holes and lawsuits over things like missed disclosure mean penalties like missing a closing.

2. Commitment:

The winning Super Bowl Team will be committed to staying in-shape, hard work and winning. In real estate, you work hard to get your house in shape for the market. If you do not commit to keep it in “model home showing condition” you will not win.

3. Coaching:

 The winning Super Bowl Team benefits from great coaching honed from years of experience. Great coaches know what to expect because they have been there before and are not shaken when things aren’t going right. Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS® close a home every 36 hours, giving us the experience to be a great coach for your home.

4. Special Teams:

Whether it’s the kick-off team, punt-return specialists, or a pass-eligible tackle whose number is called once-a-season, the Super Bowl Team that wins understand the importance of their special teams in determining the outcome of a game. The special teams at Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS® are stagers, photographers, IT managers, marketing managers, buyer agents, closing managers and more, ready to perform their task when called upon to make a difference in the game. 

5. Defense:

The winning Super Bowl Team has the best defense. In real estate the best way to defend is to remove all condition-objections before the game begins

6. Turnovers:

The winning Super Bowl Team will have the least amount of turnovers. Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS® is committed to having accurate listing information and market data to keep your home in the game.

7. Running Game:

 The winning Super Bowl Team runs the ball effectively to minimize risks. Linda Craft & Team REALTORS® keep the risks to a minimum with a solid marketing and price strategy.

8. Know the Competition:

 The winning Super Bowl Team knows the strengths and weakness of their competition. To sell in this market you must also know the strengths and weakness of your real estate competition

9. Calling an Audible:

The winning Super Bowl Team is ready and able to make quick adjustments on the field. In this market you need to be prepared to adjust your price WHEN the playing field changes.

10. Winning in the Red Zone:

 The winning Super Bowl Team will be great in the red zone. The real estate red zone is follow up and closing the deal when a buyer shows interest.

It takes a team to win. My Super Bowl team helped me write this. I’m way too small to play football, but I know I have a Super team!

Have a great day-


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