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Are Rental Prices In The Greater Raleigh Area Negotiable?

People call in every day to our Raleigh area real estate office and ask:   “Is the rent price negotiable on a home?”   The answer is yes, sometimes, but more than likely no.

Why Not?  You May Ask.   Isn’t Everything In Life Negotiable?

Well, yes, most things are but let’s take a look at this question from the Landlord’s perspective.   A landlord has lots of financial responsibilites for a rental property, some you may care about, others you may not.   The landlord covers the mortgage payment, the property taxes, landlord property insurance, management costs, Home Owners Association dues, and sometimes other items at the property.    For example, one of our beautiful North Raleigh rental homes that is currently active on the rental market also includes lawn maintenance, wireless internet and security system monitoring service.

What Do I Need To Do To Make My Offer More Attractive To A Potential Landlord?

Good question.   A couple of things may help.  First of all, be responsive.  Don’t make an offer and act like you are just kicking tires on a new car.  Are you really interested in the house?   If yes, then go ahead and place an application and pay the application fee.

Secondly, If you have employment or credit issues then be up front and disclose it to all parties as you place the application.   Communication is a key part of negotiating and if everyone knows things up front it normally results in a quicker process time for you.

Thirdly, write your offering price or terms in the comments area of the rental application.  Don’t rely on your agent’s memory.   They may or may not even speak with the processing person on the property management side.   Most rental applications are now faxed or emailed over.

If you have any other questions about leasing a home here in the Greater Raleigh Area please feel free to contact our office at 919.235.0007.

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