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Weird Weather – What To Prepare For Here in The Raleigh Area

Wow!  What a weird weather week here in Raleigh!  First we hear of the possiblity of Hurricane Irene visiting our area this weekend, and now an earthquake this afternoon!   I am sure that people are already heading to the stores for the typical bread, milk , water and battery run!

Is This Typical Greater Raleigh Area Weather?

No, not quite.  We do get hurricane aftermath every few years or so.  The last big ones that came through were Hurricanes Fran (1996) and Floyd (1999).


Every once in a while we might have snow and ice too.  Yes, we all act terrified and freak out due to any snow or mention of ice.    We are in the south afterall, and these types of things do not happen to us very often.

How Do You Prepare For a Weather Emergency?

Good question and one that everyone should think about.   Do you have a plan emergencies?   If so, who knows it?  You should always let your family members or close friends know what you plan to do in case the phone lines are down.

  • Stock a few non-perishable items in your pantry
  • Check your flashlights at least twice a year.  Always have a designated spot where you keep them.   
  • Do you have candles?  What about a lighter?  Does the lighter have fluid?
  • Do you have propane in your grill gas tank?
  • Do you have batteries?  More than one type?
  • What about a weather radio?
  • Do you have all of your computers and phones charged?
  • Is there gas in your car?
  • Do you have a weather basket with blankets, flashlights, drinks and snacks in your car trunk?
  • Do your kids know where to go in case the cell towers go down?
  • Do you have important numbers written down in case your cell phone loses power?
  • Do you have a picture inventory of your house?

How do you prepare?  What is your most important tip?


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