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Who Is Responsible For Mowing A Tenant’s Grass?

Dear Linda,

My neighbor rented a house through a real estate agency in the area however the new tenant is not mowing the grass and it is driving me crazy.   What do I do?  I have left a message with the real estate company.



Hi John,

Thank you for contacting me and I know that the grass must be very frustrating.  Normally it is the tenant’s responsibilty to cut the grass and most of the time it is stipulated in the lease.  Here is what I recommend:

1.   If you are able, talk to the tenant.  Maybe something is going on health wise that for some reason they cannot cut the grass this month.

2.  Contact the real estate company.  Find out if they are managing the property or if they only helped the owner lease it.

3.  Contact the owner.   You can normally find information through tax records or through google.

4.  Contact Your Home Owners Association President or Management company.  Many subdivisions have rules and regulations about grass and lawn care.  They should have the owners and tenant’s information on file and can contact them.

5.  Contact the City.  City officials can help if the property is a safety issue to other homeowners.


I hope that this helps,


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