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Buying is Buying Even in a Raleigh Area New Home Sale

Buying Something New

We’ve all had the experience of going to purchase an item at a store without having much knowledge about the product itself.

In these cases we rely on the sales person to be honest with us, give us the best recommendation, and tell us the truth about the product.

Do You Trust The Salesperson?

The problem with this is that the salesperson is getting paid by the store. They get paid to sell you a product in their store, and in many cases they are paid commission based on the price of the product they sell.

These transactions happen very fast. You may end up purchasing something you didn’t really need because the sales person was that convincing and the store’s ambiance was that alluring.

Where’s Your Representation?

In these cases, you have no representation. After all, not only is the salesperson representing the store they work for but you lack the product knowledge to effectively represent yourself.

It can be very easy to get taken advantage of in these situations. And the same holds true for Triangle area new construction purchases when you’re not working with an experirenced Raleigh, NC area REALTOR.

At Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS, you are our responsibility. You are our star. You are our client. We represent you and you alone. Contact us so we can represent you for your new construction home purchase.

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