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New rule on Raleigh Trash

Maybe it’s just me, but I was unaware of the city rule that trash cans could only be brought out to the curb at night. It is good to know that this ridiculous rule has been over turned recently.

The policy was first put into place to help stop trash cans being  left out on the streets for days or weeks at a time buy certain home owners. The City Council‘s goal was to keep the City looking clean as possible and understandably so. Trash cans being left out are certainly an eye sore for community residents. However, the city has been bombarded with complaints. Many seniors expressed the safety issues and falling risk of taking large trash bins out in the dark every week. Other residents just expressed it being a hastle to take the trash cans out after dark and many said they forget at night after work, dinner, etc.

New Rule

With a vote of 6-2 the City Council agreed to remove the “sundown” rule. The current rule will be… trash cans can’t be out before noon the day before pickup and must be removed by 7pm the day after. Failure to follow the current rule may result in a fine, and that could be on tenants as well. Half the properties fined in 2011 were of rental properties. Another change is townhome communities with more than five attached homes will switch to a dumpster picked up by a private company. The City also noted that they will be adding to their waste service department. The City Council wants to remain strict on fines and keep the City looking as best as possible.

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