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State Of The Raleigh Real Estate Market

Raleigh Real Estate MarketThe Raleigh Real Estate Market overall has weathered the 2008 recession’s dramatic blow real estate throughout the country felt. While we fared better overall than other major markets, such as Phoenix, AZ or Miami, FL, the drop in real estate value still hit home for many home sellers-and quickly turned our market into  a “buyers field” for foreclosed properties.

Making Sense of Triangle Real Estate Market

However, five years later, is that still the case? How is our local Triangle real estate market doing? Have we hit bottom? We are seeing less and less foreclosure and more and more real estate bidding wars as people start to take advantage of the still low prices that are starting to climb.

NBC My Carolina Raleigh Real Estate Series

In my monthly My Carolina Video series with NBC, I will cover all the current questions you have about our market. As an expert Raleigh Realtor, I’ll also share some advice on how to win a bidding war over your dream home without spending more than you have to-and why you always want a REALTOR by your side:

Raleigh Real Estate Video

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