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First Impressions Matter When Selling Your Triangle Home

Front Door

We all know the term “curb appeal”. It refers to the exterior attractiveness of a home and how people perceive the home. Curb appeal is the first impression your Triangle home makes to the potential buyer. Typically a photo of the exterior of your home is the first thing you see on listing websites, MLS reports and Linda Craft’s Raleigh Real Estate search. That is why it is important to grab people’s attention and impress them right off the bat. In order to do this you must open your mind and take a walk out to the sidewalk or yard. Stand in front of your home and ask yourself a few questions.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Selling Your Triangle Home

  • If I were buying Triangle real estate, what is the first thing I would zero in on?
  • Is the yard manicured (not just maintained)?
  • Are bushes trimmed down and not blocking the view of windows?
  • Do I need to pressure wash the siding, brick, walkway or stoop?
  • How does the curb appeal of my house compare to the curb appeal of my neighbor’s home?
  • Is there anything that might stop a potential buyer from wanting to enter the home?
  • Are there any safety or tripping hazards (ie. toys in yard, tree roots, poorly lit steps/stairs)?
  • Can I minimize garden gnomes and make the outside sports team neutral? We are in ACC country after all!

Affordable Facelifts for Selling Your Raleigh Area Home:

Consider the following inexpensive and easy DIY tips to spruce up your Triangle home.

  • Add new street numbers that complement the style of your home. Modern, sleek numbers for a revamped Ranch or rubbed bronze oil numbers for a cottage style home.
  • Painted front doors are a big trend right now. People are getting creative and going against the typical whites, browns and other neutrals. When selling your home, stay on the safe side and don’t go too far against the grain. Take a look at our account for front door ideas.
  • Potted flowers make everyone happy. Try painting an inexpensive terra cotta pot the same color as your shutters or front door and plant some coordinating flora.

Keeping curb appeal in mind when you’re ready to sell your Triangle home will help your chances of a quick and easy sell. A home that is inviting on the outside is more likely to pique the interest of Raleigh area home buyers. More interest in your home means more potential buyers, and more potential buyers typically means a quicker sale.

Peace, love and happy homes!




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