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Raleigh Historical Homes : Blue Porch Ceiling

Ever wonder why so many traditional homes in the South have painted blue porch ceilings? Never noticed before? Take a stroll through some of Raleigh’s historical districts, such as Oakwood and you will see many blue porch ceilings. There are several theories behind this Raleigh Real Estate trend.

Shoo Fly!

Growing up, I always heard that the ceilings were painted to keep mosquitos and wasps away. Though no scientific proof behind it, the blue is thought to mimic the sky and the bugs will be less likely to build nests on it.

Spooky Blue

Southern folklore claims that the blue ceiling wards off evil spirits or “haints”. The paint color was dubbed as “haint blue” and was thought to protect the occupants of the home from restless spirits.

It Will Bring Life to Your Triangle Home Front Porch

Whatever reason people started painting their ceiling, we know it looks good! It lightens and brightens up a space. Raleigh contemporary homes are starting to revive the trend to give their home more detail and interest. Not to mention it is a great conversation starter!

When selecting a blue paint color, keep the style of your home in mind. For more traditional homes, stay with classic light blues. For more contemporary homes, you can go a little brighter.

Check out our “font porch” ideabook for inspiration!

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