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High Dive or Belly Flop? How Swimming Pools Affect Raleigh Home Values

As things heat up in the Raleigh area, many dream of cooling down in their own swimming pool. Swimming pool season is upon us and in most parts of the Triangle (Cary, Wake Forest, Apex, Holly Springs etc.), runs from May to October. There has been a long time misconception that having an in-ground swimming pool will reduce the overall value of your Raleigh home. With today’s market and value of outdoor living spaces, many people want a pool of their own and re-sell value is not taking a hit, but going up! Raleigh Real Estate owners can swim easy with this information below!

In this two part series, we will discuss the two primary factors involving the perception of owning a swimming pool in Raleigh.

A. Generational Differences

B. Economical Differences


The North Carolina senior demographic has never been interested in owning pools. They view them as too much of a liability and do not think the benefits outweigh the price tag. The common thought is “what happens if someone falls into the pool and drowns”? Most people do not know that homeowners insurance does not increase if the backyard is fenced around a pool.

Baby Boomers:

Baby Boomers have been working hard their whole life and have seen the pool as one more thing they would have to invest time, energy and money into maintaining. Since they were rarely home to enjoy a pool, they preferred a neighborhood pool where they could use it if they had time. It was also an opportunity to send their children to be watched over by lifeguards/babysitters while knowing they were safe. Neighborhood pools are still very popular and most of the Triangles new construction offers this amenity. However the private backyard pool is quickly rising in popularity due to the importance of outdoor entertaining and having family in one place.

Gen X and Gen Y:

Raleigh’s Gen X and Gen Y population has the strongest purchasing power in the market today. They like the thought of having their own private pool and inviting their friends for cookouts and entertainment. They see the pool as a place to connect and feel it is a good investment in the Raleigh Real Estate market. They differ from seniors in that they do not see the pool as a liability but a good investment that will provide joy for many years to come. The younger demographic pays for the experience. The costs of owning a pool compared to traveling or joining a private pool is not seen as an inconvenience. This generation also enjoys less rules and regulations (food, pets, diving, hours) that a community pool might offer.

Now that we see how the various generations view ownership of a North Carolina pool, come back tomorrow to take a look at the return on investment of owning one!

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