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High Dive or Belly Flop? How Swimming Pools Affect Raleigh Home Values Continued

Swimming PoolOn yesterdays blog we looked at the local generations that make up the Triangle Real Estate market. Different generational outlooks vary on the ownership of owning a pool, but no one can deny the increasing value it adds to a home! Since there is a higher demand for pools, many homes with them now sell faster and for more money! Closed properties with pools are bringing in 5% to 10% higher than those without pools. It is not 100% ROI but is it is clear that there is a more positive outlook on them than ever before.

Before we go any further we should discuss the different types of pools that are available to homeowners.

Types of Pools in Raleigh Real Estate

  • Above-ground: Cheapest construction option but does not return any value and most buyers want them removed prior to closing
  • Fiberglass: Molded into a basin shape
  • Vinyl lined in ground: Similar to above ground and lining needs to be replaced every 10 years
  • Gunite: Most popular design found in Raleigh. Consists of a durable mixture of cement and sand over a mesh grid.
  • Poured concrete: Concrete is poured into conventional wooden forms

Thinking About Selling Your Raleigh Home with a Pool?

There are several things to consider when listing your home and how the pool will affect the area?

  • Demand: Are pools popular in your area?
  • Style: Is the pool style and size appropriate to the  area? Does it compliment the home? An Olympic sized pool beside a 1,200 sq. ft. home might not be that appealing to a buyer!
  • Condition: Is the pool well maintained? Are there any clues that would lead someone to believe there are underlying issues ie)  cloudy water, cracks, peeling paint?
  • Staging: Have the pool area and surrounding outdoor areas been staged?
  • Age: What is the age on the pool? Have all components been serviced or replaced recently?

There are several things that one must remember to do in order to maximize the sell of their home and pool. The pool must be staged much like the interior must be staged. This is very important in listing your Raleigh house, condo or townhome.

Create An Inviting Retreat for your Raleigh Area Home:

– crystal clear water

– clean, sealed or stained deck/patio

– arrange furniture that paints the picture for the buyer

– remove any old and worn furniture

– remove dead plants and replace with colorful, fun arrangements

Staging will help in giving the potential Raleigh home buyer a clear vision of how they can use it to relax and entertain. Don’t forget to wash the house windows to show off the sparkling blue water in the backyard. For more inspiration on staging your outdoor living space, check out our account for some amazing photos!

Are you interested in purchasing a Raleigh/Cary/Triangle Area home with a pool? Check out our awesome page dedicated to local Triangle homes that offer pools here. Call our office to be set up on a custom search that will deliver unique daily matches for homes with the amenities you enjoy!

As always, please call 919.235.0007 for more information on how to purchase or sell your Raleigh home!


Happy Swimming!

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