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Raleigh Real Estate Expert Advice : Closet Space and Design

Well Designed Closet

A Well Designed Closet by California Closets Raleigh

Home buyers are surveyed yearly to discover what is important to them in the home they buy.  Over the years many things have changed in the Greater Raleigh area but one thing remains constant and that is that everyone wants more closet space in their homes!  According to a survey done by California Closets (Raleigh), 53% of home buyers would not move into a house if the closet space was not ample. This is compared to 41% last year. A growing number of home buyers in the hot real estate areas such as Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, Morrisville and Wake County all say the more closet space the better.  Home buyers such as (First Time Home Buyers as well) want more closet space as well.

Raleigh Home Buyer Survey Says…

According to Joe Marengi with California Closets (Raleigh) 1,200 people were surveyed and 44% said the number one thing they wanted in their dream home was a walk in closet. In todays hectic world, Triangle Real Estate Owners want a clean and organized closet. 50% said that a disorganized closet caused them to feel frustrated and stressed. 49% said they have clothes in their closet that are taking up space but, they feel “sentimental” about and cannot let them go.

If buying a new home to get a larger closet is not an option, there are ways to get more space out of the one you have. Home builders do not maximize space and typically install one long hang bar and two double hang bars. in most greater Raleigh area homes.  A proven space finder is to have a  closet company measure your space and plan by inches to maximize hanging space and storage shelves. In most cases, “a closet company can triple your linear hanging space” according to Marengi. Some other tips to consider when maximizing your closet space:

  • Many homes have closets where there is room for a center island which is perfect for a stack of drawers, long hang or shoes (see photo).
  • For more shoe space stack one on top of the other or one forward and one backwards to pick up more space as opposed to side by side.
  • Take advantage of your ceiling height. 9 foot and 10 foot ceilings will allow for triple hang.
  • Behind the closet door is a great space for belts or scarves.


Preparing to Sell Your Raleigh Home – Your Closet is Important to Potential Buyers

Staging your closet is very important when trying to sell your Raleigh home. There are several things you can do to optimize the closet space and inspire North Carolina home buyers on how they can set up their own belongings.

  • The Raleigh area has four seasons so remove the out of season clothes to show off space. Box and store now for the move ahead.
  • Removing everything off the floor, it will immediately make your closet look bigger. Donate items you no longer use to your local Goodwill store.
  • Open peripheral vision by removing any clothes near the door way. Leave 10 to 12 inches of open bar space at the closet doorway.  This gives a perception of a big closet with extra space.
  • Don’t have anything hanging on the entrance door to closet
  • Remove bulky hampers
  • Never stack to the ceiling need open space to the ceiling
  • Everything stacked on the upper shelf should be folded the same and neat, not more than 3 high to allow open space above and separated.  Not wall to wall stacks but small stacks with space in-between.  The white space makes a closet feel big enough
  • Add an air freshener to the closet.  You can’t smell your stinky shoes and clothes that were worn and not washed or dry cleaned but, your buyer can.  If you are selling your house wash your closet clothes and spray your shoes with odor eaters.

For more closet design tips for your Raleigh Real Estate, check out Linda Craft on the My Carolina Today show!

It is very important to market your home well to the potential buyer and you can do that by following the steps above. For more expert Real Estate advice from an experience team of Realtors, please visit or call our Triangle office today at 919.235.0007.



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