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Raleigh Real Estate 2014 Housing Market Predictions

We are excited the holidays are over and we are back to full throttle in the Triangle real estate market.  Everyone is expecting 2014 to be an even better home selling year than 2013. If you are interesting in selling your Raleigh area home in 2014, then this post is for you!

What to expect in First Quarter

With the holidays behind us there will be an increase in home showings now.  You will also see an increase in new sellers entering their home for sale on the market.   January is one of the biggest listing months because so many sellers have avoided having their home for sale during the holidays.  These pent up sellers will come out now so the competition is going to change.  You will need to pay close attention to new listings in Wake County.

By the end of January it is important to re-evaluate home selling competition and position with a new market analysis.  This re-evaluation is to make sure the new competing properties have not affected your ability to sell by offering more house or upgrades for the same price or a lower price.  All home buyers make decision on what to buy through comparison shopping.  As our home inventory increases so do their choices.  Our hope is everyone will be optimistic about the new year and price higher which will help home values go up in the greater Raleigh area and increase your home selling odds at your current price.  We won’t know until we see what other home sellers do.

Traditionally, in the month of February, a lot of purchase contracts are written and home closing spike up by 40%  in March as a result of this.  March is the beginning of higher number of home closings per month and this will continue through September.  This great home closing fact, is something to yell Happy New Year about!  Our big real estate home buying season is just around the corner!

Happy New Year!

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