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Triangle Home Buying Series: The 6 Phases of Buyer’s Remorse, Phase 3

Here is the third installation of “Buyer’s Remorse” blog series. Each week we will go into depth on our list of expert tips on how to navigate buyers remorse in the home buying process. Every home buyer will experience “buyer’s remorse” several times on their way to realizing that dream. This blog will help Triangle area home buyers understand what’s happening to them and how to move through Buyer’s Remorse.

3. After the home inspection – When you read the inspection report it is common to fear you bought a lemon.  Your home inspection report will have several pages of items noted by licensing requirements and as you read it they will sound much worse than it really is.   The report can be a little unnerving to say the least.


TIP:  Every home, including a brand new home, will have a long list of repairs and recommendations from the licensed inspector.  It is his job to fill those pages with information, warnings and recommendation.  It always read worse than it is.  Take a deep breath and remember there is nothing on your report that the seller can’t fix.  Don’t let Buyer’s Remorse make you believe your dream home is a lemon.  There are people living in houses a 100 or 200 years of age.  Whatever is on your report is fixable.  Your Exclusive Buyer Agent will negotiate to have repairs complete and ready for a re-inspection prior to closing.  If the home inspection report still leaves you in doubt, some home buyers purchase a 1 year home warranty to give themselves extra peace of mind.

Six Most Common Times to Expect Buyer’s Remorse

  1. After You Write An Offer
  2. After the Offer is Accepted
  3. After the Home Inspection
  4. The Final Walk Through
  5. After You Write the Final Check for Closing Day
  6. After You Move in to Your New Triangle Home

Come back next week to learn more on how to overcome buyer’s remorse after the home inspection in your Raleigh home!

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