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Zillow Buys Out Trulia and How It Affects Raleigh Real Estate

untitledYou probably heard by now that Zilllow has purchased Trulia.  These are the two largest real estate websites used for national home searching., which has been around much longer, has dropped to third place due to the amazing marketing these sites have done.

Here are some things Raleigh area homeowners and homebuyers may like to know about these two giants merging:

  1. This acquisition will not have any negative affect on your home marketing with Linda Craft & Team, Realtors.  For years we have purchased the maximum exposure packages offered on both sites.  Most real estate companies allow the free download from MLS to these national sites but, do not invest additional marketing dollars.   Our advanced marketing package will continue on both Zillow and Trulia which will continue to showcase your home.
  2. The national news about the purchase is probably driving millions of new people around the world who may have not been using those sites for home searching.  The media may be increasing your exposure right now so we are excited to have our advanced marketing package in place.
  3. There are over 12,000 websites where home buyers may search for homes nationally.  Your Raleigh home  is on all of them because we know 95% of the buyers are shopping for homes online.   We are committed to making sure they see your home everywhere.
  4. All national sites including, Zillow and Truilia have a lot of incorrect data on their sites and they do not care.  Their focus is on selling advertising to Realtors, mortgage lenders, movers etc. not promoting and selling your home.  This is why we also invest in our own websites (over 100 domains) where your information is listed correctly.  For example those domains include which had over 5 million impressions and 2.2 million page views last year.  We spend a lot of our marketing dollars on the Internet
  5. If you are searching for a new home DO NOT use the national sites.  Their information is outdated and incorrect.  Many of the houses on national sites are sold.  The best place to shop for accurate information is a local website that only features homes for sale in that market.   For example:  has all homes for sale in the Triangle area only.  You can’t search California on, but the Triangle home search feature is accurate and real time.

This may be more than you wanted to know about searching for homes on the Internet but file it away for the next time you hear of a family, friend or coworker shopping for a home.  They will be impressed with your knowledge and you may even help them find a great house by sharing this trivia and truth with them!

Here at Linda Craft & Team, we strive to give the utmost in customer service. We would love to help you so please call today (919.235.0007) to schedule a free buyer or seller consultation. We have a whole team of experts waiting to help you find your dream home!


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