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Finally! The Move-Up Home Buyer Help You’ve Been Looking for In Wake County

Are you a current resident living in Wake County who wants to list your current home on the market and move to your brand new home?

If so, then you’re sure to find today’s Wake County real estate blog particularly relevant.

We recently added several pages to our website that are all aimed at making the move-up home buying experience as seamless as possible for you.

Move-Up Home Buying Questions You Should Ask

When people have outgrown their present Wake County home and need a larger one, there are many moving parts to selling and buying at the same time and a lot of unknowns which cause great stress for homeowners.

Timing a sale and purchase within a desired budget has many pieces of the puzzle to put together for a smooth and joyful move.  In this type of move, the difference between success and disaster is experience, knowledge and executing a well thought out plan.

To begin this plan start by gathering critical information.  Here are questions that every move-up buyer needs to ask:.

  • How much will my present home sell for?
  • What will I realistically net from my sale, which I can use for the new purchase?
  • What do I need to do to my home to prepare it to sell for the highest price and what will this cost?

Discover more questions that you should be asking as a home buyer by clicking here.

Buy First or Sell First? How to Decide

One way families can reduce the stress and relax a little more in their decision making process is to find the perfect home to buy before they sell their existing home.

To begin exploring if this is a realistic option for you, we must answer two questions.

  1. Am I in a financial position that would allow me to buy before I sell my present home?
  2. Must I sell my current home to be relieved of the debt and expense first?

Learn more about other factors you should consider when deciding whether to buy or sell first by clicking here.

The Questions You Should and Should Not Ask Potential Real Estate Representatives


On the Internet, you will find plenty of recommendations on what kind of questions you as a home seller should ask a Realtor during a listing interview. As someone who has sold over 6,000 homes, I personally believe every seller asks the wrong questions.

I’ll tell you about why certain questions like “How many years have you had a real estate license?” are ineffectual.  And I’ll also tell you about the two most important questions you can ask prospective real estate representatives.

Learn more by clicking here.

Create a 7-Step Action Plan as a Move-Up Buyer

Every home buyer needs a plan to prepare for a successful outcome on the local housing market.  By clicking here, you’ll find my time-proven method for effectively navigating the Wake County real estate market as a move-up home buyer.

Your Dedicated Wake County Real Estate Experts

For all of your real estate needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Linda Craft & Team.  We have years of experience on the local housing market effectively representing buyers and sellers just like you and we’d love the opportunity to assist you as well!

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