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Simon's House Interior Design Portfolio Example

Triangle Area Expert : Simon’s House Grand Opening

Simon's House Interior Design Portfolio Example If you’re looking for something new and interesting to do on Friday, March 6th look no further. Simon’s House Interiors is having their grand opening and would love to meet you, share decorating concepts, and show off their amazing ideas. It’s easy to get into a rut when it comes to decorating – using the same style over & over for years.  

 Jeff Snyder, Owner

The owner, Jeff Snyder, comes to interior design from a successful corporate background. He understands the power of transformation and wants to help you create a beautiful & livable home. Style continually evolves, and he wants to create a space with you that will inspire creativity and comfort. Jeff also provides a blog and utilizes social media to highlight new arrivals and creative ideas.  His “Friday Find” blog is a great way to stay connected to weekly treasures he wants to share with his clients.

Grand Opening Invitation

Simon’s House Interiors Friday, March 6 10:30am – 10pm 124 Glenwood Ave Suite B 27603 919-803-2995 Simon’s House will feature designer goods from all over the world. He will also feature artwork/installation from Baltimore artist, Kelly Walker, owner of Art Star Custom Paintworks.

Need some design inspiration of your own? Check out Jeff’s Pinterest page. While you are there, visit the Linda Craft and Team Pinterest page for more design inspiration, recipes, home advice and more! Here at Linda Craft & Team, we strive to give the utmost in customer service. We would love to help you so please call today (919.235.0007) to schedule a free buyer or seller consultation. We have a whole team of experts waiting to help you find your dream home!

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