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Why Do I See Raleigh School Buses?

School Bus

School is out! School is in!
If you are new to Wake County or don’t have kids in the school system, it may seem strange that there are yellow buses running throughout the summer. All the local high schools are on “traditional” schedules where the kids and teachers have the summers off. However, the elementary and middle schools have varying schedules – they may be on a traditional schedule OR a year round schedule. Buses run all year long here in Wake County and do not have the summers off – so be on the lookout for stopped buses as they do have kids on them.

Year Round Schools in Wake County
It’s a little different being on a year round schedule if you’re used to schools starting around Labor Day & ending in early June. You will hear language that includes the word “track out”  – that means that kids are on a 3-week break while other kids are in session. This allows for schools to accommodate more kids while utilizing the facilities throughout the year. You’ll also hear about “track out camps” – most kid-friendly organizations (music lessons, karate, trampoline places, YMCA, even churches) offer sessions that usually last a week where kids can be supervised, learn something new, and be social. They are not cheap but they are a great way to occupy kids, even if it’s only occasionally.

Busses in North Carolina
NC School Bus Safety concerns are huge throughout our state. This website includes everything you could ever want to know about kids riding the bus. There are FAQs, seat belt questions, a kid-friendly page with games, and information about illegally passing a bus. We all want our kids to be safe and make it where they are supposed to go.

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