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The Art of Staging a Home Part 1: Emotional Attachment

Staging a home for sell is the art of creating positive emotional responses with potential home buyers. A well staged home will always sell faster and produce greater profits, but staging can be a challenge for sellers. Many homeowners have such strong emotional investments tied in with their homes that they often lose sight of their goal and lower their return value.

Overcome Emotional Attachment

Owning a home is a powerful experience. You have spent years making it your own by decorating and lining the walls with photos and accomplishments. When the times comes to sell, the feeling of possession is so domineering many sellers refuse to remove the items in their house that made it their own. It is a natural feeling, but also problematic.

When you prepare to sell a home, you need to create a space the buyer can envision themselves living in and if all they see are footprints of another person’s life, they will not. You may love animal print and have it painted across your walls, but a buyer who does not enjoy your same sense of style will find this dissatisfying.

Cater to New Buyers

two mobile phones displaying cluttered and decluttered kitchens in a raleigh home

A seemingly cluttered kitchen (left) vs. a professionally staged kitchen (right)

Millennials are some of the most prominent buyers in today’s market and catering to their tastes means the difference between selling and waiting.

77% of new buyers use mobile devices to shop for homes. Without adequate staged images with clean counters and cabinet tops, your property appears messy on small screens and the buyer will look for property elsewhere.

Likewise, floral window treatments, bedspreads, and heavy gold-framed family photos makes your home look outdated. Removing those drapes and adding a white bedspread can quickly turn your home into a place anyone could live.

Living Vs. Selling

How you live in a home is different from how you approach buying one. You may have stunning oriental rugs or amazing paintings, but rugs and decorations make rooms appear smaller. When staging a home, you want to create an open and uncluttered space, free from distractions.

Homes with freshly painted bare walls and no furniture sell better because buyers can use their imaginations to picture living there. Yes, it no longer feels like your home, but that is the point! Your personal items need to be packed away and it pays off for those who take the time to do it beforehand.

Linda Craft & Team, Realtors

An experienced and trusted Real Estate Agent can guide you through proper home staging techniques for your individual property. Their unbiased position is crucial to provide fast turnarounds and the highest selling value.

At Linda Craft & Team, Realtors we have over 30 years of experience staging and selling properties in the Greater Raleigh area and are the #1 Team in the Triangle. Connect with us today at (919) 235-0007 or visit us online at for a full list of our services and more!

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