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One story rambler house in suburban neighborhood

The Art of Staging a Home Part 2: Maximize Curb Appeal

One of the most challenging aspects a seller faces is looking at their home from a buyer’s perspective. Homeowners rarely look past eye level, while buyers scour every inch of the property. You never want them to think, “What’s wrong with this house?”

When preparing to sell, homeowners typically know to mow their lawn, mulch, and power wash their home’s exterior, but maximizing curb appeal requires so much more.

Trimming Branches and Shrubbery

a white house with great curb appealHomes shrouded by vegetation and tree limbs may be appealing to the current resident, but there is a saying in real estate, “If you can’t see it, you can’t sell it.” Low hanging branches need to be cut down. Bushes surrounding the property should be trimmed below window sills and those that have grown over roof lines need to be removed. All creeping growth needs to be cut away from porch areas as well.

These techniques give the appearance of a larger home on the outside because overgrown bushes make homes appear small and block natural light. The additional illumination from the sun creates greater depth on the inside as well.

Revitalizing the Roof

The roof is one of the first things potential buyers notice and is often overlooked by homeowners. Roof stains are unsightly and are caused by congregations of airborne algae feeding on rooftops.

Professional roof cleaners use a low pressure chemical wash to remove these destructive pests and is an inexpensive solution to this problem. The treatment makes the roof look brand new and creates higher satisfaction with the consumer.

Perfecting Initial Impressions

clean front door and entryway with no imperfectionsThe first impression of a home is made as soon as the consumer drives up to the house and the second is made at the front door. Unfortunately, many homeowners hardly use this entrance and is ignored during sell preparation.

While the Realtor opens the key box to begin the showing, the potential buyer is inspecting everything. Tarnished door handles, chipped paint, and worn doormats (or worse, mats with the current resident’s last name) create negative first impressions.

Extra time spent enhancing this threshold will ensure a positive experience with consumers and increases the likelihood of a sale.

Linda Craft & Team, Realtors

Crafting the perfect curb side appeal is a home’s signature and no other team stages homes better than Linda Craft & Team, Realtors. For over 30 years, we have produced the finest home viewing techniques selling over 8,000 homes.

Connect with us at 919-235-0007 or to see how the #1 team in the Triangle can help you sell your home today!

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