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The Only Summer Home Maintenance Checklist You Need

Summer is here in Raleigh. It’s time to turn up the A/C, get the grill ready for summer cookouts, and keep the garden blooming and colorful. Is your home ready for summer?

These 9 essential home maintenance tips will help you prepare your house for the hottest days of the year. But these tips can also be helpful when selling your home.

1. Inspect Fans and A/C Units

Summer is the worst time of year to deal with a weak or broken air conditioner. Before you crank up your A/C, clean the air filters or have a recommended service provider inspect your heating and cooling system. Don’t forget to dust any ceiling fans with a damp rag or duster.

a piece of twine with clothespins on it2. Hang a Clothesline Outdoors

Take advantage of the summer heat by drying your clothes outside. This will not only give your clothes a fresh scent, but it will save you money and energy from using the clothes dryer.

3. Deep Clean Your Grill

Clean grease, ash, or food residue from your grill by scrubbing the grates and the insides with a damp sponge and gentle dishwashing soap.

4. Sweep the Porch

Brush off any pine straw, leaves, twigs, or dirt from your front porch or steps to give your home an eye-catching front entrance.

5. Inspect the Deck

When preparing your home for summer weather, check the condition of your back deck. Are there any rotting or cracking boards? Are there any nails sticking up? Does your deck need sealing? Take care of any small issues, especially if you are selling your home this summer.

6. Make Your Windows Shine

Summer sunlight brings out any dirt or smears on your windows. Give your windows a deep cleaning, both inside and out, to make your home appear brighter and cleaner.

a garden full of tulips7. Watch Your Garden

Dry, hot summer days can wreak havoc on your garden. You can prepare your garden for the driest days by deeply watering it every few days. Remove any dead bulbs and debris to keep your flower bed looking beautiful and tidy.

8. Keep the Weeds at Bay

Add mulch to your natural areas around your home for a fresh look and natural protection against invasive weeds. You could also opt to spray weed repellant on any trouble spots on the lawn.

9. Put Out the Welcome Mats

You can keep the dirt and mud from coming into your home by putting out two mats. Set the first mat outside to catch the larger debris, then place a softer mat indoors to catch anything that’s left.

Sell Your Home with Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS®

At Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS®, we have helped Greater Raleigh homeowners sell their homes in any season. We can recommend even more home selling tips than just these home maintenance ideas for summer. Call us at 919-235-0007 to schedule your appointment.

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