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Selling Your Home During the Holidays

Here in North Carolina, we have 4 beautiful seasons and some people mistakenly associate them with 4 distinct home buying seasons as well. They assume spring is the best time to sell and nobody buys during the winter, but that is simply not true.

wrapped gift under the treeWhen I hear people talking about this I am often reminded of Miracle on 34th Street when little Susan sits on Santa’s lap and asks for a new home for Christmas. The same wish is on many people’s list today and the winter months do not deter them from fulfilling their goal.

What Group is Most Actively Shopping in Winter?

While Seniors and Baby Boomers are busy hosting family, planning parties, and baking delicious food for their winter festivities, Millennials are on the hunt. In fact, Millennials have become the #1 home buyers in our area and this trend is constant throughout our country. They are highly motivated and eager to have a place of their own so they can begin their own holiday traditions.

People relocating for work are also active during the winter months. With new jobs starting in January, they use the months leading up to shop around, find the perfect home, and lock in the lower winter interest rates. Seeing as how North Carolina has exceptional weather, a mild climate, and ample job opportunities, it is no wonder why so many outside our state migrate here every year.

Take Advantage of the Winter Misconception

Our world is not the same as it was in years past. Our schools are year-round, more people are inclined to relocate for work, and we are constantly moving forward. Do not let the idea of traditional house hunting hold you back. By putting your home up for sale in the winter, you have a huge advantage over others who take their homes off the market because they think nobody buys during these months.

Less homes on the market means less competition and potentially higher offers on your property. People generally have more time off during the winter as well, so they have more time to tour homes and make moving arrangements than they do in other parts of the year.

Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS®

couple looking at homesWhether you are buying or selling a home this holiday season, having a strong Real Estate Team guiding you through the entire transaction is essential. If you are buying a home, we can guide you through the home buying process, help you get the best deal for your home, and prove to the seller that you are a serious buyer. If you are selling your current home, we can help you learn your home’s value, price your home competitively, and help you avoid major home selling mistakes.

At Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS®, we have worked for over 30 years to provide the Greater Raleigh area with exceptional service and quality transactions with each and every home bought and sold. As the #1 team in the Triangle, we would love to help make your holiday real estate dreams come true. Schedule an appointment with us today at 919-235-0007 or visit our website for a full listing of all of our services and more!

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