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Strong Investment Strategy: Why Real Estate is one of the Most Popular Long-Term Investment Choices

A man pointing to a graph representing the rise of the real estate market.

When it comes to investments, real estate proves to be one of the most successful and worthwhile in the long run. According to Gallup, real estate is the top investment choice among survey respondents—beating out stocks, gold, and savings accounts.

This has been the case for the last six years. During the time of the recession, specifically from 2008 to 2010, most respondents cited CDs or savings accounts as the best form of long-term investment. But with the economy, and the housing market, recovered, real estate has once again become the number one investment.

The Many Benefits to Investing in Real Estate

There are a number of benefits to investing in real estate over the stock market or gold. If you invest wisely, and in a market as popular as Raleigh’s, you may be able to set up a steady cash flow to supplement your income.

In addition to monthly cash flow, here are some of the best benefits to investing in real estate in Raleigh.

Financial Security

A woman holding several hundred dollar bills.

Owning a property and then renting it out to tenants may yield longstanding financial security. Once you purchase the property, you can use monthly rent collected from tenants to pay off the mortgage—building equity and wealth for yourself as the investor.

Given the market’s positive upward growth, your investment property is likely to appreciate in value over time—meaning a greater return on your initial investment.

Tax Benefits

Owning an investment property in Raleigh and renting it out may yield tremendous advantages come tax time. Rental income is not subject to self-employment tax, which can be hefty.

In addition, you may be eligible for tax breaks for property maintenance, depreciation, insurance, and other factors that come with being a homeowners.

Supplemental Income

A happy couple standing in front of their home.

Without a doubt, the best part of investing in real estate is the additional monthly income. After your property’s mortgage is paid off by your tenants, you’ll have a tidy sum of money to do with as you please!

Put it in a savings account, use it to perform maintenance or upgrades on your primary residence, or re-invest it back into the market! Make your money work for you in real estate.

Ready to Invest in Raleigh Real Estate?

Linda Craft & Team REALTORS® is here to help. As longtime Raleigh and Triangle-area real estate agents, we have years of experience investing in the market.

Give us a call today to explore your real estate options in Raleigh! In the meantime, check out our home-buying and local area resources.

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