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What’s Reopening During North Carolina’s Phase One?

On Friday, May 8, 2020, North Carolina moved into Phase One of reopening. The previous stay-at-home order remains in effect, with modifications that allow for some businesses to open and a bit more overall flexibility for leaving home. Here’s a look at what North Carolina’s Phase One will allow.

North Carolina's Phase One reopening

A Breakdown of Changes During North Carolina’s Phase One of Reopening

Before May 8, full restrictions closed all but businesses deemed “essential” and required people to stay at home except for essential purposes. During North Carolina’s Phase One of reopening, some of these restrictions will be relaxed, though NC is by no means completely open for business.

Here’s what will change… and what will stay the same.

Stay-at-home orders have loosened

social distancing with friends

During prior stay-at-home orders, people were encouraged to leave home only for essential purposes, like grocery shopping, visiting a pharmacy or healthcare provider, or going to work at an essential business.

After May 8th, residents are allowed to leave home for more commercial activity, and more businesses will be allowed to open. However, it’s still strongly encouraged that you remain home.

Retail stores have increased capacity

open sign in a retail store

Prior to May 8th, retail stores were limited to a 20% retail capacity. Now, up to a 50% capacity is allowed, provided proper social distancing is practiced.

Regulations on gatherings have lessened

Through May 8, there was a 10-person limit on any gatherings. Now, though the 10-person limit remains, outdoor gatherings with friends are permitted.

Childcare centers are accepting more business

books and blocks

When only essential businesses were open, childcare centers were open only to essential workers. Now that more businesses will be reopening, and more people will likely be out looking for work, childcare centers are expanding to include the children of working parents.

Parks are encouraged to reopen

social distancing sign for a park

Many of the Raleigh area’s state parks and trails closed during strict social distancing regulations. After May 8th, previously closed parks were encouraged to reopen.

Umstead State Park has reopened, though visitors are encouraged to avoid gatherings, practice social distancing on trails, and wear facial coverings.

A lot will stay the same during Phase One

North Carolina's Phase One closures

While Phase One does loosen restrictions and allow for more social interactivity, there are still quite a few things that WON’T be changing.

Restaurants will still be open only for take-out and delivery. Salons, barber shops, and spas will remain closed. Theaters and bowling alleys will remain closed. Gyms and playgrounds will remain closed. Visitation to care centers will be limited. And yes, masks will continue to be strongly encouraged.

Questions About Phase One or Real Estate in Raleigh?

If you have a question about Phase One of reopening in Raleigh, or you’re concerned with how the recent health crisis might have affected your real estate goals, Linda Craft & Team is here to help. Contact us at 919-235-0007 at any time and let us put our 350+ years of combined experience to work for you.

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