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Does Your Home Have These Coveted Homeowner Wish List Features?

Since the start of the ongoing health crisis earlier this year, more people have been spending more time at home. And additional time at home has led more than a few owners and renters to realize that their homes might be missing a few amenities they’d like to have. How does your home compare? If it already has some of these homeowner wish list items, it might actually be worth more than homes without!

These Homeowner Wish List Amenities Make Homes More Appealing

a beautiful home for sale in the triangle

Getting a home sold quickly and for top dollar is all about appealing to buyers. And if your home has a few of the following features, it might actually be in greater demand than you realize! Here are some features buyers are actively looking for in homes.

More space

Unsurprisingly, time spent at home has led buyers to desire more space. That includes more closets and storage, larger or more open rooms, and more flex spaces.

More natural light

a room with lots of natural light

Spending more time at home, especially during inclement weather, likely means spending more time inside, too. Homes without a lot of natural lighting can seem dreary or dark, so it’s understandable that buyers would seek out homes with ample sunlight.

A home gym

Closures and social distancing measures shuttered the majority of fitness centers and studios, at least temporarily, nationwide. That, coupled with the convenience of working out at home, has made the home workout space a highly appealing home feature.

An updated kitchen

a home with a beautiful kitchen

With restaurants closed, many took to their kitchens to don a chef’s hat and try out new recipes. This new appreciation for cooking and baking has led many to the conclusion that their kitchen leaves a lot to be desired. In-demand kitchen features include solid-surface countertops, ample storage and surface space, and updated appliances.

More outdoor space

Spending time at home is easier when you have a great backyard or deck to enjoy, especially in North Carolina’s beautiful weather! So it’s no surprise that buyers and owners name good outdoor space at the top of their wishlists.

Homeowners’ Favorite Features

a nice neighborhood in the triangle

The above are features owners most wished their homes had, but what about the features they already have? What is really the most important for owners and buyers?

A quiet neighborhood

Most buyers are looking for a nice, quiet neighborhood or property they can come home to, a place where they can relax and enjoy some quality time with friends and family.

Owners also stated that having a deck or outdoor space was highly valuable in a home.

Ideal location

The location of a home is almost as important—if not more important—as the home itself to many buyers. Proximity to conveniences, work, and schools are all major factors to the majority of buyers.

Modern home features

a home with a luxury bathroom

Inside the home, buyers are looking for modern innovation and design. That includes the kitchen, the bathroom, and the overall layout of the home. New appliances and hardware, energy efficiency, natural lighting, and even smart home technology are all coveted updates.

Thinking of Making a Move in the Triangle?

Whether your home has all of these salable features and you want to sell for a profit, or you’re looking to upgrade your current home for one with some of these wishlist items, Linda Craft & Team is here to help! Contact us today at 919-235-0007 to find out more about how we can put our 350+ years of combined real estate experience to work for you.

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