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Large Homes Are Making a Comeback in Luxury Real Estate

The global health crisis changed many aspects of our daily lives. Millions have transitioned to working from home, and many students now study at home at least part time. Activities like fitness, outdoor time, and movie premiers have even found a place at home; we’re all spending more time at our houses these days. And all these changes have brought about a desire for more space—particularly in the luxury real estate market.

Luxury Real Estate Is Shifting to Larger Homes

a large luxury home for sale in raleigh

In recent years, the demand for large properties, estates, and mega mansions has been declining. But in the last six months—since stay-at-home mandates led us all to spend a little more time at home—we’ve seen a resurgence in the buying of large-sized luxury homes.

In particularly high demand are homes that offer space both inside and outside and include features such as home offices, gyms, swimming pools, and large outdoor spaces.

Buyers are moving to the suburbs

buyers walking into a new home

For those now able to work exclusively from home, being close to big employers in urban areas—and sacrificing amenities to do so—has become much less important. In fact, now that more people are able to work and live anywhere, more and more homeowners are trading in their urban lifestyles for homes that truly fit their needs.

With a mostly suburban feel, the Triangle area is an ideal spot for buyers who want a big house that has it all. Consequently, the Raleigh luxury real estate market is doing very well right now.

Certain home amenities are in high demand

a beautiful outdoor kitchen and fire pit

While larger suburban homes in general are selling well, there are certain home features and almost ensure a fast and high-dollar sale. Some of the most coveted luxury home features in the Raleigh real estate market include: more square footage, more natural lighting, a home gym, an updated kitchen, and more outdoor space.

Neighborhood and location are also important! Buyers want to see quiet, well-maintained areas, as well as an easy drive to amenities like conveniences, schools, and parks.

Bottom Line: The Market Is Hot for High-Demand Homes

If your home has space and one or a few of the above amenities, now is a great time to find a buyer! There’s never been a better time to sell a luxury home in Raleigh. If you’ve been considering listing your home, contact Linda Craft & Team at 919-235-0007 to find out how we put our 350+ years of experience to work for our sellers.

Buying a luxury home in Raleigh?

If you’ve been craving a little breathing room in your home, we can help you find it! Contact Linda Craft & Team to get started on your home search.

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