A Better Future For Children

Hi Friends,

Every year I attend a Real Estate Conference called Star Powers. Howard Brinton is the founder of this organization and he is an amazing man because he not only trains Real Estate Agents to grow as professionals he empowers them to make the world a better place too. At the conference this year in Orlando, he shared a great idea we can use with children to plant positive seeds in them so they have a better future. If there is a child in your life that is special you might want to try this.

Here’s an easy tip to give a child a bright future…

There is a little 5 year old boy that Howard sees regularly. He told the little boy that if every time he sees him the boy will come up to him and say  “I am the best” five times that he will give him $5,00 for his college fund. When the little boy sees Howard he says: “Hey Howard, I’m the best, I’m the best, I’m the best, I’m the best, I’m the best. They have a box marked college fund and Howard pulls $5.00 out of his pocket and puts it in the box. I have a feeling this little boy will grow up to be the best. What do you think of this idea?

Linda Craft

Join Me In Supporting A Worthy Cause

Hi Everyone,


Many of you know one of my team members, David Toothaker.   He has been a valuable employee over the years and we have all agreed that we do not know how we could ever operate without him.  


David is very active in the community and is always helping people as he goes along.  One of the organizations he supports is the American Legion.  The local chapter of The American Legion Post One hosts a Memorial Day ceremony every year at the Raleigh National Cemetery.  Flags are used to decorate the cemetery and the legion is  looking for monetary donations to purchase new serviceable flags that are 5 X 9 1/2.  Many of the flags presently stored at the cemetery have become worn and must be replaced.   


The American Legion is one of our country’s truly great organizations and this fundraising effort will help renew one of our most patriotic ceremonies.  Please join me in supporting them if you can.  Donations can be mailed to American Legion Post One, P.O. Box 40097, Raleigh N.C. 27629.


Thank you for your support.



Free Fun This Weekend For Your Four Legged Friends


I hope I will get to see you this coming weekend at Millbrook Exchange Park, 1905 Spring Forest Road. It is the 19th Annual Bark Around the Park event  Saturday April 26th 11 am to 3 pm. It is a lot of fun for the entire family. Including your 4 legged family members. You will see dog tricks, vendor booths, and Wake County Animal Care, Control and Adoption will be offering on site rabies vaccinations for $5.00 and micro-chipping for $10.00 beginning at 11am. There will be a lot of vendor booths where you can see the latest in pet care and pet spoiling. Something I know all dog lovers can do very well.

Our office,  Linda Craft and Team, REALTORS are one of the major sponsors every year. This year we have invited Stormy from the Carolina Hurricanes to be at our booth. We are also hosting 3 dog bone hunts where we will be giving out over 600 dog bones; setting up a DJ in the back of our moving van (in case of rain) and you can register at our booth for two Carolina Hurricane tickets in the Lexus Champions Club. The tickets include dinner and four drink vouchers. Our tent is the first one on the right as you enter the event. I hope you will stop by to say hello, register for the tickets and meet my two precious dogs Bandit and Katie.

Bandit is a 5 year old Shitzu and Katie is a rescue dog. We think she is around 13 years old. Katie is a Pitt Bull Staffordshire Terrier mix. She is as sweet as can be. Don’t let the Pitt Bull part scare you. Katie’s tail wags so hard her whole body wiggles. Years ago Katie was found eating out of garbage cans in Baltimore. She was skin and bones and very sick. Someone took her to a vet and had x-rays done. They found a bullet in her back hip and she also has a tattoo where she had been in the pound. Now she lives like a princess at my house. She gets groomed every week and has her toenails painted hot pink to match her bandana. Her bed came from Dogmopolitan (an animal print chase sofa just her size) Bandit was born in Smithfield, NC and he moved into my house as a puppy. I named him Bandit because one look at him and I knew he would steel my heart, take up my time and rob my bank account. He has lived up to his name because he has stolen my heart. I could tell you lots of Bandit stories but, I will save them for another time. I am sure if you are a dog lover like me, you have your own stories to tell. Please share them so people reading this blog will not think I am some sort of nut. Only dog lovers can relate and understand why a 53 year old successful business woman would spend time writing about how wonderful her dogs are. Help! Support me in telling the world how great it is to have a dog in their life.


Make it a great day!


The Heart of a Mansion

Last week I had the opportunity to tour the inside of the Governor’s Mansion for the very first time. What a beautiful home! I have driven by it many times and have always been impressed with the grounds, fencing and stately exterior appearance but, the inside is really a work of art. Have you ever seen the inside? If so, do you agree?

How I managed to tour the Governor’s Mansion was by accepting an invitation to a presentation by the American Heart Association called Go Red For Women. Have you heard of this? Go Red For Women is a new campaign they are launching to increase awareness of heart disease in women. Did you know that more women die of heart disease than all forms of cancer combined? They even have a free online assessment to help all of us take charge of our hearts and health. I hope you will go to GoRedforWomen.org and click on the heart check up. It will evaluate your risk for having a heart attack or other cardiovascular event within the next 10 years. Do it today. Don’t wait. I learned the main reason women die of heart disease is they stay so busy taking care of everyone else that they never make time to take care of themselves. Women ignore symptoms because we do not have time to be sick.

Last week I learned how beautiful the inside of the Governor’s Mansion is and I also learned that I have 2 out of the 5 risk factors. High blood pressure and heredity. My dad died of a heart attack the day after his 56th birthday. I am 53. Sound like time for a heart check up for me. How about you? Take time. You are worth it. GoRedforWomen.org


February 17

Today would have been my dad’s 70th birthday. It is easy for me to count the years because he died the same year I got my real estate license, 1985. I called my father at our Indiana home, to wish him a happy 56th birthday. Mom was fixing dinner and my brother, his wife and 10 year old son were at the house preparing to enjoy my mother’s amazing cooking. I could hear the happiness in Dad’s voice that his grandson was there, and everyone else too. It was a good last day for him. The next morning he was alone in his office and peacefully died of a heart attack.

I know each of you have your own stories like this one. When this happens to us we come face to face with the reality that life is short and unpredictable and we should not take it for granted. I know because of this lesson I have learned to always tell my husband I love him with every good bye and to take a moment to give my adoring dogs a quick rub behind the ear before I walk out the door.

Yesterday one of my employees walked into my door to tell me her dad was being flown into a Delaware hospital. She said; “They think he has a brain tumor and is hemorrhaging in his brain”. I told her to pack up and go immediately. She said she wanted to wait until he got there to find out what was going on. Her sister was with him and her brother lives close by too. She would leave in the morning. I walked into my office the next day and there she was! I said, “What are you doing here?” hoping Dad was fine and it wasn’t a brain tumor. She said; “I have one of our sellers coming into sign their closing docs and I wanted to get this completed before I left.” I appreciate her dedication and know she is very committed to our Team and every customer we have, but this one blew me away. I took a deep breath and calmly said; “Debra, we can take care of this, you need to go”. She insisted and said her husband was picking her up at 11:00 and they would hit the road. I know everyone has different ways of dealing with shock. I could only assume that she needed the distraction and the comfort her friends at work would provide her. We all spoke to her throughout the day as she and her husband were traveling through the traffic jams of Richmond and DC. Last night at 7:00 I called her and she was 15 minutes from the hospital and dad was still alive. Thank God! If you believe in prayer would you lift a few up for Debra and her dad? Thanks.

Support A Worthy Cause

I had the pleasure of meeting Brenda Miller, my Listing Manager, over seven years ago when she came to work for my team. Not only is she a great employee, she and her family have been involved with law enforcement for over twenty years. Brenda, her husband, Randy, and their son, Jason, have all served as police officers over the years. Randy recently retired from the Raleigh Homicide Division and Jason is currently a Raleigh police officer.

Brenda mentioned in our team meeting this week that Randy would be involved in an upcoming Memorial Event to honor the families of fallen police officers. Please read his letter below. If you would like to help, please contact Brenda at our office- 919.235.0007.


To Family and Friends,

On May 10th, 2008, I along with 250 other Police Officers, all members of the Police Unity Tour Chapter IV of Virginia, will travel 250 miles on our bicycles. Our journey will begin in Chesapeake, VA, and end at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, DC. Several hundred Police Unity Tour members from other Chapters will join us at the memorial. On October 1st, 1962 President John F. Kennedy declared May 15th as the National Peace Officers Memorial Day. On October 15th, 1991 the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial became a reality.

We are doing this to honor our fallen brothers and sisters and to raise money for the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial. I will be riding in honor of Raleigh Police Officer Charles Radford Paul III who was killed in the line of duty on September 10, 2002.Last year 2007 became the deadest year for our law enforcement officers. There were 180 officers killed in the line of duty, protecting people such as you and me. My goal is to raise $3000 in pledges by April 30th. I’m asking you to help me reach this goal by pledging your support. You can either send your pledge via the mail or make a secure donation online. Go to http://www.policeunitytour4.org, click on the sponsorship link at the top of the page, then click on “sponsorship info”, and click on the “DONATE” button with the Visa and MasterCard logos. I have also attached a sponsor form that can be used to mail donations. I will make this journey, remembering that you supported this great cause and me.

Thank you,
Randy Miller

Wedding Anniversary

My husband and I are linda_jay_final.jpggetting ready to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in October. This is a big deal since we have both failed at marriage before. We have now broken all records by four years and still really love each other and like being together. That in itself is amazing and it is time to celebrate big! We both agree we need to go somewhere special but, I have a really hard time taking off of work. A weekend feels like a week and a week feels like a month for me. I can take off an afternoon and feel like I have had an entire weekend to refresh. I get bored really easy and love being busy. He’s thinking we should get away for two or three weeks and I am starting to have a panic attack at the thought. I know I need to get over it and just do it and I will, but where to go and what to do. Do you have any ideas?

Jay also reminds me regularly that we have never gone on a vacation. I disagree. We travel two to four times per year to wonderful cities like New York, Las Vegas, Orlando, and San Francisco because we get to go together to real estate conferences several times per year. We always take an extra day or two to play while we are there. He says that does not count? What do you think? Is he right? I think it is a vacation with a legal tax write off and I love it. It fits right in to my practical nature and multi tasking personality. I want to be busy and he wants to have no plans and is happy doing nothing this is why the thought of two or three weeks is throwing me into a panic.

When we have this discussion about vacations and who is right and who is wrong I made the mistake of reminding him that our honeymoon was a vacation. We went on a 7 day cruise and spent several days in Florida at Disney World. He was quick to remind me that the cruise also had 8 hours of Continuing Education that we both attended so I could write off our honeymoon. Then he adds that we also visited my mother while we were in Florida too. I was speechless because I knew he was totally right on that one. I really believed our honeymoon was a vacation.

One place I know we have to go is Italy. Jay loves Italian food and wine and he has taught himself Italian from tapes. (I am not kidding; he used tapes in his car) He speaks Italian very well. With the dollar being so bad it doesn’t seem like a wise time to go overseas. Then Jay comes home this week from his Continuing Education class and hands me a flyer on a Mediterranean cruise to Italy and Spain. It departs in October and has 8 hours of Continuing Education being taught on the ship again. Wow this seems very tempting to me. 10 years later we could take another cruise where we get our CE, I get a tax write off, Jay goes to Italy and a cruise allows me to be busy and Jay do nothing if he chooses. What do you think? Do we book it? Is this a win win for both husband and wife? Or do we go to Hawaii or Bermuda, some lost island I have never heard of. What do you think? Help me plan a great 10 year anniversary for October. I think I can handle 10 days to 2 weeks without needing drugs and a straight jacket. It is mindset and I am getting there. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Thank You!

Hi everyone,

I was very excited and grateful to hear that our team has recently moved up to the #17 RE/MAX Team in the US.   With our ever changing current market we have seen a drop in home sales since August.  However, thanks to all of my clients and people who help support us our team has contined to remain strong.    Thank you for all of your referrals and repeat business.   We appreciate you!


Rededication Ceremony in Oakwood Cemetery

Good Morning Linda,

Both Charles and I wish to publicly acknowledge to you and your organization our deep appreciation for your participation in the headstone replacement ceremony held September 23, 2007, at Oakwood Cemetery.  It was a gorgeous day and all went as planned.  The music, the reenactors and featured speakers all added to this solemn ceremony which gave the correct names and identity to these three American soldiers.

The Veterans of the Civil War who we honored and all those resting throughout the United States continue to be remembered.   Lacking the support of groups like yours we could have never found a way to pay this small tribute here in Raleigh.

Again, Thank you.

Bob Farrell & Charles Purser

Michael Wright Joins Linda Craft & Team as Buyer Specialist

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:September 10, 2007

Michael Wright Joins Linda Craft and Team


RALEIGH – Linda Craft and Team has hired Michael Wright as a Buyer and Relocation Specialist to assist clients in finding the perfect home. Wright recently relocated to the Triangle from Des Moines, Iowa, where he specialized in investment real estate focusing mainly on the foreclosure market.

Seeking the perfect place to raise a family, Wright and his wife, Keeley, selected Raleigh from a nationwide search. Wright is an award-winning mechanical draftsman who became a part of the real estate business at an early age. He was licensed in Florida for four years and in Texas for two years before earning his North Carolina real estate license.

“I am very excited to join Linda Craft and Team,” said Wright. “I am confident I can succeed in helping others find homes in what I consider to be the best place in the country to live.”

“Michael’s perspective on the Triangle, coupled with his experience both as a draftsman and Realtor, are sure to contribute to his success,” said Linda Craft. “He will be a great complement to our organization.”

About Linda Craft and Team

Linda Craft and Team at RE/MAX One Realty have become one of the top RE/MAX organizations in the world by helping individuals and families find a place to call home in all price ranges.During Linda Craft’s more than 20 years as a Real Estate professional, she has helped over 5,000 people move into a new home.Whether you are looking for your first home or your dream home, the Linda Craft Team can help.For more information, please call 919-781-9298 or visit www.lindacraft.com.