Problems That Arise From Overpricing Raleigh Homes

Never select a REALTOR based on price because there is no exact price for real estate. If a REALTOR tells you they can get X for your home they are either guessing or lying to get your listing. The market always determines value. Value is what a buyer is willing to pay. The only way to know what a buyer is willing to pay is to place your home on the market. The seller always sets the asking price and your REALTORS job is to advertise and then interpret the market for their seller. One thing that is true in every city around the world, an over-priced home will never sell and can cause you costly problems.

Problems that arise from overpricing:

  • Lack of showings
  • Minimal MLS participation
  • Lost advertising dollars
  • Lost time
  • Reduced advertising response, if any
  • Buyers are reluctant to make offers
  • Help sell your competition
  • Appraisal problems
  • Your personal selling goals delayed
  • Property becomes market worn
  • Property sells below market value
  • Property does not sell at all