Raleigh Real Estate Top Agent Answers : How Do I Keep My Home Ready to Show With Kids? [Video]

Having kids and getting your home ready for a real estate showing can sometimes be very hard to manage.   Linda gives quick tips on how to juggle it all in this short video:

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The Art of Negotiating Low-Ball Offers Into Home Sales

Dear Linda,

One of the things I am concerned about in this current real estate market is that home prices seem to be still dropping .  I am worried that I might only get a low ball offer.  I don’t want to have to deal with someone who is not serious enough about my home  to even make a reasonable offer.  To me, that would be so aggravating. Continue reading “The Art of Negotiating Low-Ball Offers Into Home Sales”

5 Mistakes Raleigh Area Home Sellers Make

It is April in Raleigh where everything is in full bloom including sellers who want to take advantage of the spring market when their yards look the best and the school season is drawing to an end. I have sold over 5,000 homes in my 25 year career and in the past 3 months have met with approximately 100 sellers who either “want or need” to sell their home. I believe those numbers qualify me as an expert to share mistakes I see sellers make as they Continue reading “5 Mistakes Raleigh Area Home Sellers Make”

Linda, Why Did You Send Me This Report About Other Real Estate Homes In Raleigh?

Every week my team provides a weekly report to all of our current sellers.  The report covers where we market their home, how many showings they have received, what the feedback is from their real estate home showings, etc.   We also include a report on what their local competition is from a buyer’s perspective here in the Greater Raleigh Area Real Estate Market.  I thought you might have a question on this too so I thought I would share.


The location of the houses you sent and used in my weekly home competition report concerns me. I am actually familiar with this subdivision off of Rock Quarry Road. Yes, the houses are similar, but the area is not.

Boblarge raleigh map

Hi Bob,

I understand your analysis of different locations as well as your concern. However, please note that my search comes direct from MLS and it pulls only your MLS area which is about a 5 mile radius. It also pulls your price bracket. The way this search was created for you is Continue reading “Linda, Why Did You Send Me This Report About Other Real Estate Homes In Raleigh?”