The Art of Negotiating Low-Ball Offers Into Home Sales

Dear Linda,

One of the things I am concerned about in this current real estate market is that home prices seem to be still dropping .  I am worried that I might only get a low ball offer.  I don’t want to have to deal with someone who is not serious enough about my home  to even make a reasonable offer.  To me, that would be so aggravating. Continue reading “The Art of Negotiating Low-Ball Offers Into Home Sales”

5 Mistakes Raleigh Area Home Sellers Make

It is April in Raleigh where everything is in full bloom including sellers who want to take advantage of the spring market when their yards look the best and the school season is drawing to an end. I have sold over 5,000 homes in my 25 year career and in the past 3 months have met with approximately 100 sellers who either “want or need” to sell their home. I believe those numbers qualify me as an expert to share mistakes I see sellers make as they Continue reading “5 Mistakes Raleigh Area Home Sellers Make”

Linda, Why Did You Send Me This Report About Other Real Estate Homes In Raleigh?

Every week my team provides a weekly report to all of our current sellers.  The report covers where we market their home, how many showings they have received, what the feedback is from their real estate home showings, etc.   We also include a report on what their local competition is from a buyer’s perspective here in the Greater Raleigh Area Real Estate Market.  I thought you might have a question on this too so I thought I would share.


The location of the houses you sent and used in my weekly home competition report concerns me. I am actually familiar with this subdivision off of Rock Quarry Road. Yes, the houses are similar, but the area is not.

Boblarge raleigh map

Hi Bob,

I understand your analysis of different locations as well as your concern. However, please note that my search comes direct from MLS and it pulls only your MLS area which is about a 5 mile radius. It also pulls your price bracket. The way this search was created for you is Continue reading “Linda, Why Did You Send Me This Report About Other Real Estate Homes In Raleigh?”

Are Bathtubs Really Needed Here In Raleigh?

I received this bathroom remodeling question from a client and thought you might be wondering the same thing.

Dear Linda,

I’m not ready to move anytime soon but when I do, you will be the listing agent so I figure I better ask your opinion now. We are remodeling our master bath. We’ve put down tile floors, a marble shower, new vanities, new mirrors, new light fixtures…..but we took out the garden tub we neverbathroom use and don’t want to replace it. We were thinking a window bench that lifted up for storage or something like that. Is that going to kill our resale? Continue reading “Are Bathtubs Really Needed Here In Raleigh?”

Moving Parents To Senior Care Facilities in Raleigh Maybe A Tricky Thing To Accomplish

I had a gentleman who lives in another state contact me on my Raleigh Real Estate website about listing his 92 year old mother’s home. He said she had gotten ill over Christmas and could no longer live alone. He needed to find a senior continuing care facility in the Greater Raleigh area for her to move too because all of the family lived too far away to take care of her long distance. The long term care facilites were very expensive and he needed to know what the house was worth. Senior watching and waitingI met with his mom, who was the sweetest thing in the world and didn’t look 92. I hope to be so lucky. I gave him a price and he was pleased then he tried to take the hardest step and here was our dialog:

Hi Linda,

I have talked to my mother and she is so indecisive I am not sure how to push her forward at this point. She doesn’t feel that she knows where to go and doesn’t know how to go about making the decision. She feels that she needs to make a decision on where to go before going forward. I try to provide help but she is very hard to deal with. She needs to be gone from that house!

Bill   Continue reading “Moving Parents To Senior Care Facilities in Raleigh Maybe A Tricky Thing To Accomplish”

Raleigh Home Sellers Are Going Beyond Staging

One thing I get asked alot by home sellers in my listing appointments is what they need to do to get their home sold.  Many people know to go ahead and pack away unneeded items, repaint the walls into neutral colors and others hire a professional home stagerStaging has been the huge buzzword with Raleigh Home Sellers ever since HGTV hit the air waves. staged kitchenTriangle Real Estate Agents  know that to get a home sold in a Buyers Market that a well-staged home has to be the rule rather than the exception. When you hear the word staging our minds image decluttering and furniture placement. However, with 10 houses for every one Raleigh home buyer that is not enough. “Refreshing” is the new trend for home selling success. Continue reading “Raleigh Home Sellers Are Going Beyond Staging”

Home Sellers in this Economy Needs Tough Love

truth-loveEvery day in the Raleigh  area I meet with perspective home sellers.  However, in the current real estate market I find myself practicing “tough love” and being more of a counselor and consultant. I try to educate my home sellers to make sure they have realistic expectations so they do not end up with regrets in the end. Many times during the initial consultation I talk sellers out of putting their homes on the market and encourage them to wait until a better time. I show Raleigh area sellers the absorption rates for their location, age, square feet, architectural style, features and price range. I explain experimenting just to see what happens in a buyers market is another real estate listing about to fail.

Continue reading “Home Sellers in this Economy Needs Tough Love”

Saving Money with Green Raleigh Homes

Going Green in your Raleigh Home will help you save green every month. You do not have to build a new home  from the ground up to have a healthier, greener home in Raleigh. These quick home tips will help save the earth while reducing your monthly housing expenses too. 

Going Green Can Help Save You Money





Going Green Can Help Save You Money


Turn your hot water temperature down to 120 degrees and cut hot water heating energy compsumption


Compact fluorescent light bulbs use up to 75% less energy than traditional bulbs. Replace them in highly used fixtures such as porch lights, bathroom vanities, and office lights.


 Install low-flow shower heads and faucets to cut back on water flow or shorten your shower time and your water and heating bill


Use a power strip for your Raleigh home office or entertainment center. Even in standby mode, electronics account for 15% of the household electricity.


Remember to turn off the light when you leave the room and to unplug your computer and other appliances when not in use. These small gestures will save you money and protect these items during bad weather. 5 to 10% of your energy cost goes towards lighting


of all your appliances your refrigerators will use the most electricity in your Raleigh home.  Adjust the temperature to 37 degrees F and your freezer to 0 degrees F  and save.


in cold water and save roughly 36 cents a load.


Hang your heavy duty clothes and bed linens outside and get that fresh smell.  You’ll also be reducing the amount of  energy you use in your home.


Search for hidden air leaks around doors, window, electric outlets and in your attic, basement or crawl space too. Seal them with caulk, spray foam or weather stripping. With four seasons in Raleigh sealing a  home can cut energy consumption by up to 10 percent.


Lower your themostat at night and stay warm with a down comforter. For each degree you lower it, you’ll reduce heating cost 3% to 5%.


Look for Energy Star-rated products for your Raleigh home. They can save you a third of energy cost.

Going Green with Raleigh real estate can turn your home into an energy-efficient investment.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!