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Looking for a golf course community in the Greater Raleigh Area without a high price tag? Be sure to check out Hedingham Golf and Athletic Club in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Our Raleigh Real Estate Team has sold over 200 homes in this golf community  and it is one you will want to be sure to check out!

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Below are a few of the most recent homes for sale in Hedingham. Visit the Hedingham Home Search Page to view all homes and townhomes for sale.

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Moving to Raleigh, Cary or the Triangle with Children?

This week my real estate office has been very busy with several out of state families who are relocating to our Greater Raleigh area.  One of the neat things about having a large real estate team is that  we all work together sharing our knowledge and experience to best meet the needs of our clients.  When families relocate to the Triangle sometimes their needs are more complexed than just which Raleigh area home or neighborhood they want to live in. They need to know where to find the best doctors, playgrounds and daycare options just to name a few.    Many of our Team members have children and have relocated themselves so they are a great resource for families. We know that Moms and Dads have so many things to take care of in a move and my Team loves to all pitch in to help relocating families in their transition . Happy couple with a kid in their new home Here are some tips you may want to know or share with someone relocating with children.

A Few Quick Moving Tips For Raleigh Area Families:  Continue reading “Moving to Raleigh, Cary or the Triangle with Children?”

Raleigh Home Sellers Are Going Beyond Staging

One thing I get asked alot by home sellers in my listing appointments is what they need to do to get their home sold.  Many people know to go ahead and pack away unneeded items, repaint the walls into neutral colors and others hire a professional home stagerStaging has been the huge buzzword with Raleigh Home Sellers ever since HGTV hit the air waves. staged kitchenTriangle Real Estate Agents  know that to get a home sold in a Buyers Market that a well-staged home has to be the rule rather than the exception. When you hear the word staging our minds image decluttering and furniture placement. However, with 10 houses for every one Raleigh home buyer that is not enough. “Refreshing” is the new trend for home selling success. Continue reading “Raleigh Home Sellers Are Going Beyond Staging”

Has Raleigh Real Estate Hit Bottom?

Everywhere I seem to go these day whether it is at my real estate office, a Carolina Hurricanes Game, Community Event or just around Raleigh people ask me “Have we hit bottom yet?”  Many know of friends, family or neighbors who have had their homes on the market for sale here in the Greater Raleigh area and have shuttered thinking about what they might need to go through if they needed to sell their house. 

Home prices around the country have dropped for the past 3 years straight and many people believe we have finally hit bottom. The median national home price today is about $169,000, down almost 14% from a year ago and down 30% from it’s peak. By comparison Raleigh area real estate values areiStock_000000386867XSmall only down 11% from it’s peak with a median home price of $232,000. Those of us living in the Triangle and RTP surrounding area can all be grateful we own real estate near Raleigh the North Carolina state capital instead of other parts of the United States.

Right Now I am Seeing Two Types of Home Buyers in the Raleigh Market

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Beware of the Candy -Raleigh Real Estate Agent Raped In Vacant Home

Beware of Candy from a Stranger

As parents we teach our children to never take candy or get into a car with a stranger. Yet everyday around the world strangers call into real iStock_000008740303XSmallestate offices and ask the eager 100% sales commission based real estate agent to meet them at a house so they can see it. What happened from childhood to adulthood that we forgot the lessons our parents taught us?

This month in the Greater Raleigh Area, a female real estate agent was held at knife point and raped in a vacant new home. Every year somewhere in the country reports are sent from the National Association of REALTORS and local real estate board office telling of another tragic story of rape, robbery or murder. Last year a female agent who was raped and stabbed multiple times survived because she was wearing a Blue Tooth and had Continue reading “Beware of the Candy -Raleigh Real Estate Agent Raped In Vacant Home”

Reason #3,512 of Why I Love Living in Raleigh

I usually write about Raleigh real estate but, today some personal things going on in my life is leading me to draw your attention to a very important and sometimes forgotten things about Raleigh. Those of you who are friends of mine on facebook , twitter or follow our facebook fan page have seen that my husband, Jay, and my dog, Katie, both recently had  knee replacement surgeries.   Yes, you read that right.  Talk about turning my world upside down.  Jay and I have two grown children who live out of state so I am out of practice in taking care of family members on a regular basis.   Normally,  I am used to setting my own schedule, working in my real estate office 7 days a week and am busy all day long helping people buy and sell real estate here in the Great Raleigh Area.   It has been a tough few weeks.   Both of my “patients” are doing well and are on the way to recovery and we have been very blessed with a team who supports us along with our friends and extended families.   Healthcare in Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, NC  and The Triangle Areas Boasts The Nations Top Healthcare

However, throughout this process it has hit me time and time again how fortunate Jay and I are to live in an area like Raleigh and the Triangle that includes such great health care.   I do not know about you, but  when I drive down the road sometimes buildings fade into the distance if a certain industry does not apply to me.   However, within 30 minutes of most homes in Raleigh we have three of the greatest medical facilities in the world.   Duke  and UNC Medical Centers are known for their advancement and trend setting in medicine.  UNC is opening a Cancer Center  just this year.   Wake Med has a heart wing and a trauma center and Rex Hospital is highly respected, privately owned and is a choice of many locals for health care. 

If you are looking for a great place to live with wonderful healthcare options for you or your family, then Raleigh should be your place to call home.   If you are interested in receiving more information about what it is like to live in the Triangle and Greater Raleigh area, or if you would like to see what neighborhoods are like in Raleigh,  please call, email or connect with us through social media.   Our team would love to share our wealth of knowledge about all of the great things you will have when living in Raleigh and how great  investing in  real estate in the Greater Raleigh Area really is.

Don’t forget to pack your umbrella today!


What is up with Raleigh Real Estate?

Over the last several months many people have asked me if home sales have been picking up for the Raleigh real estate market.   While we have seen an increase in appointments scheduled to view our current inventory of  Triangle area homes for sale, we have not seen them turn into equal sales.  Home sales around the Raleigh region are still very sluggish and the luxury market  has been hit the hardest.  what is up

The Biggest Real Estate Problem We Have in the Raleigh Region

is that we are not seeing many move up buyers. This is causing many sellers to compete for a sold sign and has driven home prices down. The listing inventory of homes for sale is still high and many sellers have reduced their home prices several times and still are not sold. The average home list price to sales price is  96% if sold in the first 30 days and 89% if price reductions occur. With declining home values, low interest rates and tax credits you would think real estate here in the Greater Raleigh area would be booming but, it isn’t. Everyone is busy showing a lot of houses but, the truth is Triangle real estate home sales are still lower in 2009 than they were in 2008.  

Let’s Look At Some Contributing Housing Market Factors

1.  First Time Home Buyer and Tax Credit   Continue reading “What is up with Raleigh Real Estate?”

Home Sellers in this Economy Needs Tough Love

truth-loveEvery day in the Raleigh  area I meet with perspective home sellers.  However, in the current real estate market I find myself practicing “tough love” and being more of a counselor and consultant. I try to educate my home sellers to make sure they have realistic expectations so they do not end up with regrets in the end. Many times during the initial consultation I talk sellers out of putting their homes on the market and encourage them to wait until a better time. I show Raleigh area sellers the absorption rates for their location, age, square feet, architectural style, features and price range. I explain experimenting just to see what happens in a buyers market is another real estate listing about to fail.

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