Foreclosures And The Affect On Children

Children are often overlooked and a silent issue during tough economic times.  This doesn’t mean that they are not still there, or that they do not need our help and attention.  Many of us on the team are parents ourselves and unfortunately see many families, even here in the Greater Raleigh Area, who have had to move out of their home due to unforseen financial difficulties.

Rececently  Julia Isaacs of the Brookings Institute for the Organization First Focus wrote an interesting article titled The Ongoing Impact of Foreclosures on Children. In the report, Ms. Isaacs quantified the number of children that have been impacted Continue reading “Foreclosures And The Affect On Children”

Raleigh NC Rated #2 for Nation’s Hotspots

Raleigh has been rated the second fastest growing city in the nation, according to CNNMoney. A combination of low costs, technical and scientific jobs, and its proximity to three major universities has boosted Raleigh’s population to 884,891 – a 63.4% increase!

It’s not hard to see why the city of Raleigh, NC has become such a sought after location. If you’re moving to the area or in the market for a Raleigh home, check out what the City of Oaks has to offer.

Things To Do in Raleigh, NC

There are plenty of attractions in Raleigh, NC for all kinds of people.

If you’re an outdoors person, the great variety of parks in Raleigh, NC is sure to please. The NC State University Raulston Arboretum and WRAL Azalea Gardens are beautiful to visit during the spring when the flowers are in bloom. The William B. Umstead State Park is also a wonderful place to go if you enjoy hiking or canoeing.

Shoppers won’t be disappointed by Raleigh’s malls and shopping centers. With ten major shopping plazas to pick from, visitors are sure to find their favorite store or boutique.

The Raleigh, NC farmer’s market, just five minutes from NC State University, offers seasonal, local produce, potted plants and baked goods.

The PNC Arena and Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts have a wide variety of entertainment including shows, plays and concerts throughout the year.

Raleigh’s Family Friendly Environment

Families new to the area are sure to be impressed by the excellent private, public and magnet schools around the city. Raleigh neighborhoods provide families the luxury of living in comfort without having to travel too far for amenities, education and fun.

If you’re looking into new homes in the Triangle area, let us know. Contact us if you would like to set up an appointment to view available houses or townhomes in Raleigh NC!

Raleigh Ranked #1 Best Place To Live by Bloomberg

Congratulations to Raleigh, North Carolina!


Bloomberg announced today that Raleigh topped the list for the best places to live in the US.   We could not agree more and believe that is why so many people relocate to the Greater Raleigh area.  If you are interested in learning more about why Raleigh is so special be sure to check out our Raleigh Area and Raleigh Relocation pages on our real estate website.

How To Get The Best Mortgage Rate

Mortgage rates fluctuate daily – sometimes even multiple  times a day.  Have you ever wondered where those rates  come from or why?  The answer lies on Wall Street – specifically the trading of  Mortgage Backed SecuritiesMortgage rates are tied to the stock market. When Mortgage Backed Security trading is in high demand rates go down, when trading slows down they go up. Supply and demand for Mortgage Backed Securities determine the ultimate price you pay for interest on home mortgages. Therefore, when you lock an interest rate determines what you will pay in real time. Please remember rates fluctuate every day.

Many Raleigh home buyers believe to get the best mortgage rate they need to shop around lenders. However, this can be an exhausting and frustrating time wasting experience because it is a lot like driving all over town trying to find the cheapest gas at the pump. The reality is that gas prices at every pump are all within pennies of each other. Gas prices like mortgage rates are based on the price oil sells for per barrel.

To get the best mortgage rate you need a lender that knows how to advise you when to lock the interest rate and time the market based on Wall Street trading. This is why our Team carefully screens mortgage lenders and develops relationships with the best in Raleigh.  Lowest interest rates, on time delivery, and no surprises at closing is what you will get from our proven lender referrals. To get the best home mortgage rate and service call us for a reference. We close hundreds of house per year and know who delivers what they promise and who doesn’t.

When you work with a RateAlert guided Loan Originator,  Andy Borter at Primary Residential, you are working with someone that you can trust to look out for YOUR best interests – and interest rates!

Raleigh Real Estate Top Agent Answers : How Do I Keep My Home Ready to Show With Kids? [Video]

Having kids and getting your home ready for a real estate showing can sometimes be very hard to manage.   Linda gives quick tips on how to juggle it all in this short video:

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