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Are We in a Housing Bubble Like 2008?

In this issue: Soaring home values and surging buyer demand have led many to believe that we’re experiencing another housing bubble. However, conditions are vastly different from those preceding the 2008 market crash. Extremely low inventory, verified demand, and strong equity are all bolstering today’s housing market—and were lacking in the mid-2000s market. The absence […]

How Strong Is the US Housing Market Recovery?

Earlier this year, economists predicted that real estate would be a large driving force behind the US economy’s recovery. In the past few months, the numbers of residential sales and mortgage purchase applications have surged, suggesting that the housing market recovery is even stronger than previously anticipated. The Housing Market Recovery Is Soaring All-time low […]

May’s Housing Market Rebound Hits Historic Numbers!

When the economy tumbled earlier this year, many feared the housing market was soon to follow. Business closures and stay-at-home orders did significantly decrease the number of sales overall, though prices largely remained steady, particularly here in the Raleigh area. While many predicted a quick recovery once businesses reopened, few saw the historic housing market […]

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