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The 2 Biggest Buying Myths—And Why You Shouldn’t Believe Them

Buying a home is a major decision—one that you should spend plenty of time thinking about. But for many people, that thinking stage quickly becomes filled with anxieties—about money, about mortgages, about lenders—and they may decide to postpone their buying plans. At Linda Craft & Team REALTORS®, we want to break some of the negative […]

Strong Investment Strategy: Why Real Estate is one of the Most Popular Long-Term Investment Choices

When it comes to investments, real estate proves to be one of the most successful and worthwhile in the long run. According to Gallup, real estate is the top investment choice among survey respondents—beating out stocks, gold, and savings accounts. This has been the case for the last six years. During the time of the […]

Home Seller Perspective: The 3 Most Common Reasons for Selling

Selling your home is a big decision. After all, it involves pricing your home, staging it to perfection, negotiating with the buyers, and executing the perfect sale. Plus, once you finish all of that, you’re tasked with relocating! While moving can be challenging, it’s not impossible. And, oftentimes, a sellers’ reasons for listing their home […]

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