When’s the Best Time to List Your Home? NOW!

If selling your home is at the top of your New Years Resolutions, then it’s time to get started. Although the market is thought to “slow down” during the cold winter months, that doesn’t mean it’s not an advantageous time to sell your home.

In fact, now is the best time to sell your Raleigh home! Want to know why? Because homes are highly in demand, and inventory is at an all time low.

It’s a Seller’s Market

A luxurious outdoor pool with two red lounge charis.While the number of buyers has decreased over the past few months, inventory has been at an all-time low since November of 2018. Truthfully, there just isn’t enough inventory to satisfy what buyer demand there is.

For the last five months, the number of homes for sale has decreased substantially.

According to the National Association of Realtors, the number of homes for sale in the country decreased by about 190,000 from June to November of last year. While demand for homes has decreased slightly over the years, it still far exceeds the current inventory available.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Two professionals reaching across a table to shake each others hand.Now is the time to sell your home! Across the board, the best time to sell your home is when there’s less competition. In a market as competitive as the Triangle, where motivated buyers far outweigh current sellers, now is an incredible time to sell your home!

Selling your home during a “seller’s market” typically guarantees you a better price for your home, fewer hassles in the transaction, and a stress-free selling experience.

Ready to Sell Your Raleigh Home?

Linda Craft & Team REALTORS® are ready to help. We offer a number of different home-selling programs, designed to meet your unique needs as a seller.

Want to receive an instant offer on your Raleigh home? We can help with that, too. You can also research the market, see what homes are selling for in your neighborhood, and get specific home staging tips to make your home sell even faster.

Market Update- First Quarter 2013

ggFirst quarter has ended and the Triangle Real Estate market is still very active and continuing to show positive signs for home sellers.  According the TARR, Triangle Area Residential Report, the average days on MLS is now 117 and our inventory levels dropped from 6 months in January to 5 months in February.  This is great news for Raleigh area home sellers!

Our forward looking metrics is giving us a lot of hope.  This hope is that the 10% to 30% depreciation experienced by homeowners over the past 5 years in the Triangle area has leveled off.  As supply decreases under 4 months we expect to see home values increase again.  Some areas and price points are already experiencing values increasing now.  This is mostly in a price point of $400,000 and below and in the areas of inside the beltline, North Raleigh and Cary.

Keep in mind normal appreciation in a good market for Wake County is 4.5% per year and experts are predicting our year will end with only a 1.4% gain.  This is partially because of the high number of foreclosures and short sales that make up the total sales which are not going away any time soon.  There are millions of people in the US behind on their mortgage payments and it is in all of our Triangle neighborhoods too.  Also, our supply of housing is still above 4 months.  4 months supply of housing and below, is the magic supply number that switches from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market fast.  We are getting close to this switch and it is about time.

Have a great week,