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How Can Sellers Welcome Veterans Home in Today’s Hot Market?

Key Takeaways: Many veterans are finding it difficult to buy a home in today’s highly competitive real estate market. In many cases, FHA and VA loans aren’t accepted in multi-offer situations—but they do offer some benefits to sellers. It’s crucial to create a level playing field when selling your home, and you can always contact […]

Is It Safe to Sell Your House Right Now?

Key Points: Despite the booming real estate market, many would-be sellers are still apprehensive about listing their homes due to COVID-19 concerns. Thankfully, real estate professionals have spent the majority of 2020 figuring out how to sell homes safely. Technological innovations and additional safety precautions now make it possible to sell your home with little […]

Here’s Where Home Values Are Headed Over the Next 12 Months

During the beginning of the year, many anxious homeowners and would-be sellers questioned how the pandemic would impact the market. Experts also weighed in with varying results—some said home values would increase, while others predicted a housing crash akin to what we saw in 2008. As the year continues to unfold, it’s clear that the […]

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