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Category Archives: Raleigh Short Sales and Foreclosures

Are Reality Real Estate TV Shows…Real?

We are all guilty of it. We flip channels to our beloved home/garden/DIY network and fantasize about the luxurious, impressive and sometimes international homes we see. These television shows make the home buying/selling process look so seamless, and in under 30 minutes! But real life home transactions  do not go as smoothly as we have been led to believe. Jensen and […]

Raleigh Real Estate Market Improving : Homeowners Taking Advantage of Trend

Homeowners in the Greater Triangle-area who planned on selling before the housing crisis hit are finding that the market has finally shifted in their favor. Increases in prices, low inventory, and historically low interest rates have combined to put sellers in a very advantageous position. Many homeowners stopped even thinking about selling their home because […]