Key Features to Look for When Choosing a Real Estate Brokerage

Whether you’re brand-new to the real estate game or you’ve been helping people buy and sell homes for years, choosing a real estate brokerage matters a lot—to your everyday life and to your overall work success as a whole. So, how exactly do you find a brokerage that’s going to help you succeed?

What to Look for When Choosing a Real Estate Brokerage as an Agent

choosing a real estate brokerage

What’s the big deal about choosing a brokerage, anyway? The overall goal, as an agent, is to find a brokerage that’s going to give you the tools, the knowledge, and the resources that allow you to best help your clients—and your business. Here are some things your brokerage should provide for you!

Tons of support & coaching

getting coaching when choosing a real estate brokerage

One of the things that makes real estate so tricky is that it’s always changing. It keeps us on our toes, that’s for sure, and it means that as agents, we have to be constantly learning, growing, and adapting to incorporate new technology, new client expectations, and new ways of doing business.

At Linda Craft & Team, we provide all of our agents with the tools to learn and grow as the market changes—no matter your age or how long you’ve been in the game.

Generated leads

looking at leads when choosing a real estate brokerage

Cold calling is probably no sales person’s favorite part of their job. As a real estate agent working under a small or under-established brokerage, you might find yourself doing a lot of cold calling in a day, trying to drum up clients.

At Linda Craft & Team, we provide our agents with high-quality leads—so you can leave cold calling at your last job.

Fair fees & commission

fair fees and commission

Larger brokerages often charge their agents a number of fees—both small and large—for the use of resources, information, staff, or even space. Are you getting something out of those fees… maybe. But a good brokerage shouldn’t charge you to sit at your own desk or take half your commission!

At Linda Craft & Team, we believe the money you earn should be yours to keep, so we aren’t going to charge you any silly desk fees. And what’s more, if you help us grow, we give some of our profits back to you, too!

Full support staff

listing coordinator making calls

The way most brokerages operate, each agent is responsible for every part of the process—from first meeting to inspections and due diligence to the close. That can be a lot for one agent to handle, especially if you’re juggling multiple clients all at different stages in the process.

At Linda Craft & Team, we all take part in the buying or selling process, and we all have our own duties to help lead the client from beginning to end. As one of our agents, you’ll have a full support staff, including a listing manager, a closing manager, and a delivery person, so you can concentrate on the best parts of your job—helping your clients!

Team culture

choosing a brokerage with a team

Many brokerages aren’t so much a team as just a group of people who work in the same building. Each agent has their own clients, their own responsibilities, and their own goals.

At Linda Craft & Team, we’re not just a collection of agents who share an office. We’re a team, and that means we watch out for each other, we help each other, and we all aim for the success of the team. When one person succeeds, we all succeed, and that makes for a truly special workplace.

Choosing a New Brokerage for Your Success?

Are you ready to stop cold calling, paying fees, and falling behind? Choose a brokerage with your success in mind—choose Linda Craft & Team! Find out more about our team and work culture, our open positions, and what we can do for your career! Contact us today to learn more and introduce yourself!

Real Estate Licenses are Easy, But Building a Real Estate Career is Hard

long ladder symbolizing difficult journeyThe housing market is on the rise and so is the interest in becoming a Licensed Real Estate Agent.

You have seen the late night infomercials explaining how easy it is to train for the Real Estate market, but the truth is selling Real Estate is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a long and difficult journey. Here are the biggest steps in this journey and what it takes for a Real Estate Agent to succeed.

Obtaining Your License

All that is required is about $400 cash, a 75 hour course, passing a class room test and State Test and you will have a license. The course teaches Real Estate terminology and legality. What it does not teach is how to list a property, market, manage public stress, or develop the interpersonal skills necessary to market yourself as a sales agent.

Learning How to Manage Real Estate

Due to the fact that your licensing course has not fully prepared you to become a successful Real Estate Agent, after you obtain your license you will need to seek out a Real Estate Firm that has new agent training to learn the basics of sales.

Your chosen Firm will teach you how to fill in the appropriate information on contracts, schedule property viewings, measure a house, make the necessary connections with contractors, inspectors, Brokers, and other associates you must know to properly buy and sell homes.

This process takes months and typically results in a high number of Realtors leaving the 100% commission business.

Building Your Brand

If you are committed to excellence as a Real Estate Agent, you have a long road ahead of you. You are selling a service, not a product, so once your client closes on a home you are unemployed until you secure your next client.

business person holding cell phoneReal Estate agents work on 100% commission. There are no paid holidays, sick days, retirement plans or health insurance. You need to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You show houses on weekends, evenings and holidays when your clients are off work. You arrange home inspections, work with banks, Brokering services, and a number of other businesses during normal operating hours.

In addition, you have to spend money to advertise your properties and yourself. You must convince people you are the best possible choice to handle the biggest investment of their life. They want to be secured in the knowledge they will have online marketing outreach and not just a sign in their front yard.

It generally takes about 3 years before you have successfully built up enough momentum with your personal brand to have a database of highly satisfied clients who happily refer you to others. If you fail to do this, your business is over.

Ultimate Success Rate

Very few Realtors “make it big.” The National Association of Realtors report the average yearly income earned from sales is $30,000. It requires discipline and extreme dedication to live below your means while you build up your brand and making ends meet in the meantime is a constant challenge.

Due to this hardship, 80% of all Agents leave the profession for other work within the first 12 months of receiving a Real Estate License.

How Linda Craft & Team Succeeded When Others Failed

I built my team from the ground up with years of hardship and perseverance. If I could not pay my bills at the end of the month, I sold pieces of my home furnishings. I committed myself to exceed my clients’ expectations and vowed to never give up.

30 years later, the same level of commitment and perseverance is shown every day at Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS®. We only hire experienced professionals with the same understanding and appreciation for customer service.

According to TBJ Top Brokerage Firm List, the average per agent sales per year of the number one and two firms is 9 sales per year, per agent. Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS® highly trained Brokers average 42 sales each per year due to great leads, having the “Best Place to Work” in the greater Raleigh area, and a team whose energy is focused on living out its mission statement and core values. It is the reason Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS® is the #1 ranked Real Estate Team in the Triangle.

Choose a Successful Real Estate Team

People who are buying or selling a home in the Raleigh area choose Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS® because of our highly trained professionals who focus on the client and create raving fans who return and bring their friends.

Connect with us today at (919) 235-0007 and let’s talk about your real estate career goals.