What’s Reopening During North Carolina’s Phase One?

On Friday, May 8, 2020, North Carolina moved into Phase One of reopening. The previous stay-at-home order remains in effect, with modifications that allow for some businesses to open and a bit more overall flexibility for leaving home. Here’s a look at what North Carolina’s Phase One will allow.

North Carolina's Phase One reopening

A Breakdown of Changes During North Carolina’s Phase One of Reopening

Before May 8, full restrictions closed all but businesses deemed “essential” and required people to stay at home except for essential purposes. During North Carolina’s Phase One of reopening, some of these restrictions will be relaxed, though NC is by no means completely open for business.

Here’s what will change… and what will stay the same.

Stay-at-home orders have loosened

social distancing with friends

During prior stay-at-home orders, people were encouraged to leave home only for essential purposes, like grocery shopping, visiting a pharmacy or healthcare provider, or going to work at an essential business.

After May 8th, residents are allowed to leave home for more commercial activity, and more businesses will be allowed to open. However, it’s still strongly encouraged that you remain home.

Retail stores have increased capacity

open sign in a retail store

Prior to May 8th, retail stores were limited to a 20% retail capacity. Now, up to a 50% capacity is allowed, provided proper social distancing is practiced.

Regulations on gatherings have lessened

Through May 8, there was a 10-person limit on any gatherings. Now, though the 10-person limit remains, outdoor gatherings with friends are permitted.

Childcare centers are accepting more business

books and blocks

When only essential businesses were open, childcare centers were open only to essential workers. Now that more businesses will be reopening, and more people will likely be out looking for work, childcare centers are expanding to include the children of working parents.

Parks are encouraged to reopen

social distancing sign for a park

Many of the Raleigh area’s state parks and trails closed during strict social distancing regulations. After May 8th, previously closed parks were encouraged to reopen.

Umstead State Park has reopened, though visitors are encouraged to avoid gatherings, practice social distancing on trails, and wear facial coverings.

A lot will stay the same during Phase One

North Carolina's Phase One closures

While Phase One does loosen restrictions and allow for more social interactivity, there are still quite a few things that WON’T be changing.

Restaurants will still be open only for take-out and delivery. Salons, barber shops, and spas will remain closed. Theaters and bowling alleys will remain closed. Gyms and playgrounds will remain closed. Visitation to care centers will be limited. And yes, masks will continue to be strongly encouraged.

Questions About Phase One or Real Estate in Raleigh?

If you have a question about Phase One of reopening in Raleigh, or you’re concerned with how the recent health crisis might have affected your real estate goals, Linda Craft & Team is here to help. Contact us at 919-235-0007 at any time and let us put our 350+ years of combined experience to work for you.

Resources for Grocery and Prescription Delivery

In the coming weeks, as the COVID-19 outbreak continues to unfold and develop, at-risk populations like seniors or those with preexisting conditions are encouraged to stay home and avoid public places whenever possible. But even if you aren’t part of those at-risk populations, you might be curious about the best ways to obtain essentials like groceries or prescriptions. Here are some Raleigh-area businesses offering grocery and prescription delivery.

Grocery and Prescription Delivery in the Raleigh Area

grocery and prescription delivery

Many local businesses and organizations are offering services like grocery and prescription delivery, curbside grocery pickup, and more. Here are some of the main companies.


CVS is waiving charges for prescription delivery. It even allows for the addition of store items for delivery at no extra cost. Store items are also available for same-day delivery through Instacart.


Walgreens is providing free shipping on prescription refills and any other store products.

Carroll Pharmacy (Smithfield)

This local pharmacy is offering free delivery within their delivery area.

Davis Drug (Kenly)

This local pharmacy is offering free delivery within 10 miles of their store. Prescriptions may be delivered same-day if the order is placed before noon.

Falls River Pharmacy

Both prescription and over-the-counter items are being delivered free for Raleigh-area residents. They also have drive-through service.

Hayes Barton Pharmacy

Like Falls River Pharm, Hayes Barton offers free delivery for both prescription and OTC items to Raleigh-area residents. They also offer curbside pickup.

Health Park Pharmacy

Free delivery for OTC and prescription items is available to all Raleigh-area residents. There’s also curbside pickup.

HealthSmart Pharmacy (Wake Forest)

Free delivery is available to residents in Wake Forest and the surrounding area. Note: Their weekend hours are limited to Saturday 9am – 1pm. Call them for details at 919-569-0550.

HealthSmart Pharmacies

There are several HealthSmart Pharmacies in the area, and most offer free delivery within a 10 mile radius of their store.

Hillsborough Pharmacy and Nutrition

Hillsborough Pharmacy and Nutrition offers free prescription delivery. Hours are limited to Monday – Friday.


Aldi has partnered with Instacart to offer grocery delivery, including free delivery on the first three orders of $35 or more with the coupon code “SHOPALDI20”.

Big Lots

Big Lots will bring your order to your car with curbside delivery.

Carlie C’s

Carlie C’s is offering free delivery to customers over age 65 for grocery orders over $100 purchased with the code “love65”. The code is good through June 30. Customers must live in their delivery area.


Costco has partnered with Instacart to offer same-day delivery (at a charge).

Food Lion

Food Lion offers both delivery and pickup—each for a small fee. Fees vary based on order size and request window.

Dollar General

Dollar General lets seniors shop during the first hour of business to create a less crowded, safer, and more socially distanced shopping experience.

Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter is offering same-day delivery and pickup. There’s a small shopping fee for both orders, plus two tiers of delivery fee based on the size of the order.


Lidl offers grocery delivery through Shipt (membership required).

Lowes Foods

Lowes offers online ordering and grocery pickup. There’s either a one-time fee per order or a one-time annual membership fee.


Publix offers both delivery and curbside pickup. Both are managed through Instacart.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s has developed a new concierge service for seniors and at-risk members. During designated hours (7am – 9am on Tuesdays and Thursdays), members can place their orders from their cars, and a Sam’s Club associate will collect and deliver the items.


Target offers grocery delivery through Script (membership required). They also designate the first hour of business every Wednesday to at-risk populations.


Walmart offers free curbside grocery pickup.


Wegmans offers curbside pickup and delivery through Instacart.

Additional Services & Organizations Offering Aid

organizations offering aid

There are several organizations in the Triangle area offering additional services and support for at-risk populations with financial need. Here are some offering food and grocery assistance.

Community of Hope Ministries (Garner)

Community of Hope Ministries offers a drive-through food pantry during specific hours. No sign-up is required and there is no associated cost.

Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina

This food bank’s Food Finder allows those in need to enter a zip code to show the closest food pantry locations and hours of operation.

The Center for Volunteer Caregiving in Wake County

Volunteers with the organization work with at-risk individuals to coordinate grocery or pharmacy shopping and pickup. Services are free, and additional assistance, like light housekeeping or visiting, may also be available.

Looking for Assistance in the Triangle?

Here at Linda Craft & Team, we’re here for you during this uncertain time. If you have any questions or are in need of any type of assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time.

Low Inventory & High Demand are Shaping the Raleigh Real Estate Market

A two-story brick home with a green lawn and a red "for sale" sign out front.

It’s safe to say that the housing market in Raleigh, and the rest of the country, has all but recovered from the last housing crash. Home values are on a steady increase, while the number of foreclosures and distressed property sales are at an all-time low.

Additionally, economists and market experts predict that the market will continue to stay strong for the remainder of 2019! This is great news for homeowners, especially those looking to sell.

Here’s the Breakdown

Right now, the real estate market is considered strong and healthy for both buyers and sellers. According to economists at the National Association of Realtors®, the only factor that might affect the market is a lack of inventory.

It’s common for buyer demand to increase during the summer, one of the most popular times to buy a home in North Carolina. However, our current inventory levels cannot keep up with buyer demand.

Many predict that this discrepancy will cause home prices to rise further.

Why Now is a Great Time to Sell

Two professionals shaking hands.

Fewer sellers are wanting to deal with the stress and time of selling a home in Raleigh. However, if you’ve long been considering selling your home now is the time to act!

With demand so high in key cities like Raleigh, you stand to make an excellent return on your real estate investment. Chances are, if you list now, your home will sell quickly and for top dollar. In fact, it’s not uncommon to receive multiple offers on your property in a short amount of time!

Looking for a Sign to Sell?

This is it. Allow Linda Craft & Team REALTORS® to help you make the most of the current real estate market! With our resources, expertise, and local knowledge we can sell your home within your timeline and for the most amount of money possible.

Give us a call today to begin exploring all your Raleigh home-buying options!

Home Prices are Not Crashing, They’re Coming to a Soft Landing

Luxury two story stone home.

Over the last several years, home prices have increased substantially throughout the country. Many homeowners are worried that this means we’re headed towards another housing crash.

Luckily, that’s not the case. We’ve written about it at length, but the real estate market is not heading towards a crash. While it’s true that home values are not increasing as dramatically as they have in the past five years, they’re by no means crashing or even declining.

Here’s What’s Going On

It’s not that the average price of homes in the market are decreasing. Rather, the appreciation of home values is slowing down.

This is because the market is shifting from an advantageous sellers market, to a more “normal” market where the intense demand of homes is matched by its inventory. That doesn’t mean we’re headed towards a crash!

The real estate market is stronger than it’s ever been.

This is Different than the 2008 Crash

A woman looking at a tablet that has market information displayed.

The last real estate market crash was caused in large part to extremely lenient mortgage standards. This created an artificial demand for new homes.

When this demand faltered, a rush of homes hit the market. Many of these properties were in distress or suffering from foreclosure, so they were heavily discounted.

Plus, mortgage standards are much stricter today than they were in 2008. In addition, foreclosures today are lower than they have been since 1996.

Home Prices are Leveling Up

And that’s a good thing! It means the market is returning to “normal,” which is good for buyers and sellers.

Want to Learn More About the Greater Raleigh Real Estate Market?

Then it’s time to give Linda Craft & Team REALTORS® a call. We have the area expertise and the real estate resources you need to make a wise financial decision in this highly competitive market.

Please reach out to us today so we can get started on achieving all your real estate goals.


Who Says There is No Such Thing as a FREE Lunch

American Red Cross

At Linda Craft & Team Realtors and Craft Commercial, we’re extremely passionate about supporting local communities through organizations like the American Red Cross. We are pleased to host our Second Annual Blood Drive at our office on June 26th from 11am – 3:30pm.

During the summer months there is a decline in donations causing a significant shortage of the overall blood supply in our local hospitals. Our local Red Cross urgently needs people to give blood to help save lives.

  • If you would like to donate blood to support our local hospitals, visit redcrossblood.org and enter sponsor code: Craft to schedule your life-saving appointment.
  • If you can’t attend, you can still help save lives by making a monetary donation, visit: redcross.org/lindacraft
  • THE DAY OF THE DRIVE you can save some time by doing your pre-reading and donation questions online at redcrossblood.org/RapidPass


Daddy Bob's Food Truck

Please help us save lives by signing up today!


Linda Craft & Team REALTORS is a locally-owned, full-service Real Estate Company with over 30 years of experience and 2 billion dollars in home sales. Honors include: NC Women-owned Business Hall of Fame, Humanitarian Award, and the Carolina Hurricanes Corporate Real Estate partner since 2006. Our company mission and core values focus on Expert Market Knowledge coupled with Raving Fan Customer Service to ensure complete client satisfaction. For more information about Linda Craft & Team, Realtors, please call 919-235-0007 or visit www.lindacraft.com


When you work with Craft Commercial to buy, sell, or lease property in the Triangle, you benefit from the entire team rather than just one agent’s knowledge and skills. With a whole team of commercial real estate experts acting in your best interests, you can quickly and easily achieve your real estate goals. For more information or to schedule an appointment with Craft Commercial, please call 919-446-5000 or visit www.craftcommercial.com.

What’s in Your Hurricane Kit?

aerial view of a hurricane

Although June through November is technically “Hurricane Season,” NC tends to get the worst of the storms in the August/September timeframe. It’s never too redundant to put out a reminder of all the things that should go into your Emergency Kit just in case a storm heads this way.

Whether it’s a tropical storm or a full-blown (no pun intended) hurricane, it’s always good to have a list of items you may need, where to get the most up-to-date weather information that is reliable, and plans for action should you need to respond in order to be safe. It’s all about keeping yourself and your loved ones safe.

Let’s Start with the Emergency Kit:

  • Water: 1 gallon of water per person per day – don’t forget your furry friends. If you have well water, plan enough in advance in case the electric pump fails.
  • Battery-operated electronics: Battery or crank radios, cell phones with battery pack for charging, charger cords, and lots of spare batteries in different sizes.
  • Fuel: Gas up your car – get fuel for your generator if you have one and make sure it is in good working order.
  • A place to stay: Have a backup plan for housing in case you can’t stay in your own home. Even extended power outages can be uncomfortable.
  • Easy-to-prepare food: It’s best if it doesn’t have to be cooked or refrigerated – again, don’t forget your pets; make sure you have their food and medications, vaccination records, and ID tags on their collars.
  • First aid kit: Include first aid supplies, flashlights and batteries, and medications.
  • Protected documents: Important documents (life, health, and homeowner’s insurance) should be stored in a waterproof bag or off site in a safety deposit box.
  • Extra cash and emergency contact information
  • Blankets/sleeping bags/personal items

General Home Preparation:

severe storm

Bring in anything that can act as a projectile when the winds get high.

Find your “safe haven” inside the house where you can avoid windows. It could be the space under the stairs or in an interior room with no windows.

If you haven’t looked at your homeowner’s policy lately, you might want to take a look or ask you agent to go over damage and replacement costs with you ahead of time. Do you even have or need flood insurance?

Stay Informed:

Monitor the weather closely. Don’t be caught off guard because you weren’t tuned in. Here are several reliable sources for weather in the Triangle:

Know Your Storm Lingo:

A watch is when a treat of a hurricane is projected 48 hours out. This is a good time to take stock of your supplies. Above all, stay informed in case a warning is issued.

A warning means that within the next 36 hours a hurricane threat is imminent and whatever action authorities deem necessary should be taken seriously.

Even the threat of a tropical storm should be taken seriously. They may have lower wind speeds but they can still be dangerous as flooding and flying objects can be an issue.

Even if the power goes out, you can get weather alerts on your phone if you can keep it charged. The Red Cross has an Emergency App you can download and the ReadyNC app has weather alerts on it as well.

Want to Know More About Protecting Your Home?

house style common in the Greater Raleigh areaLinda Craft & Team, REALTORS® is committed to providing home buyers, home sellers, and homeowners in the Greater Raleigh area with the information they need to make the best real estate decisions. As the #1 real estate team in the Triangle, we can offer you a wealth of resources and over 30 years of local expertise.

Contact us today at 919-235-0007 for a full list of our services and more, including additional tips about protecting your home from weather events.

Craft Residential & Craft Commercial Announced as Corporate Sponsors of Triangle Business Journal’s Tomorrow’s Real Estate Event

commercial office building with big glass windowsRaleigh, NC – Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS® is pleased to announce that Craft Residential & Craft Commercial will sponsor the Triangle Business Journal’s Tomorrow’s Real Estate event, to be held on July 27, 2017.
Linda Craft, CEO of both Craft Companies states, “We are excited to be part of this informative event that will discuss the recent growth of residential and commercial real estate within the Triangle and what opportunities lie ahead.”

TBJ’s Tomorrow’s Real Estate event will go behind the numbers from their latest quarterly SPACE survey and talk to the experts in the Triangle’s commercial and residential real estate markets about how this growth and density has affected the quality of life and growth of business. This event will take place at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park in Durham, NC.

Craft Residential & Craft Commercial were also Corporate Sponsors of the Triangle Business Journal’s CEO & CFO Awards, Women in Business Awards and 40 Under 40 Awards that took place earlier this year.

About Craft Residential

truck donated for charityCraft Residential the Triangle’s #1 ranked locally-owned Real Estate company and Carolina Hurricanes Corporate Real Estate Sponsor. They have served the real estate needs of individuals and families, in all price ranges, for over 30 years. The company mission and focus is expert market knowledge plus Raving Fan customer service to ensure complete client satisfaction. Craft Residential has closed over 2 billion in real estate transactions.

Local honors include: Top 25 Women Owned Business, Best Place to Work and the Humanitarian Award. Linda Craft, CEO serves on the board for the American Red Cross and Triangle Athena Powerlink and is a member of Women’s President Organization, Business Leaders Club and Shop Local. For more information, or to schedule an appointment with Craft Residential, please call 919-235-0007 or visit www.craftresidential.com.

About Craft Commercial

The Craft Team has earned over 30 years of success in the Triangle real estate market. They bring cutting-edge marketing, unique social media strategies, attention to detail, and solid systems to an industry sometimes lacking in innovation. When you work with Craft Commercial to buy, sell, or lease property in the Triangle, you benefit from the entire team rather than just one agent’s knowledge and skills. With a whole team of commercial real estate experts acting in your best interests, you can quickly and easily achieve your real estate goals. For more information or to schedule an appointment with Craft Commercial, please call 919-446-5000 or visit www.craftcommercial.com.

How to Get Freebies from Duke Energy

Very seldom do you hear the word “freebies” these days, so take advantage when you do. Duke Energy has a Home Energy House Call program where you can learn how to save on your monthly bill and land about $30 worth of free gifts.
basket of free gifts

Free Energy-Saving Items for Homeowners

Here’s what you get for free:

  • In-home energy assessment and a detailed report afterward
  • Free LEDs
  • Free energy-efficient showerhead that cuts water and energy use but still retains water pressure
  • Free kitchen faucet with swivel and water flow control
  • Free outlet seals for outlets and switches on your exterior walls. This stops drafts and air leaks which account for up to 25 percent of your heating bill according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

The free energy assessment is arranged either online or by calling (844) 346-4366. Homeowners are eligible if:

  • They are Duke Energy customers.
  • Own a single-family home for at least four months.
  • Have an electric heater/AC or electric water heater.

Renters are not eligible because Duke Energy prefers to deal with the homeowner. One homeowner must be present during the inspection.

Why is Duke Energy Offering Free Gifts?

You might be asking, “What does Duke Energy get out of this?”

They’re doing this to curtail growing demand in energy which is expected to grow by 25 percent by 2030. Duke Energy says on their website that in the past the company dealt with growing demand by building new energy plants, but this is expensive and time-consuming; not to mention that it is a “negative impact on the environment.”
energy-saving lights

To learn more about ways that you can save on energy costs, check out Duke Energy’s “100 Tips.” Sign up here to claim your free assessment from Duke Energy.

Selling Your Home? Want More “Freebies”?

If you’re a homeowner in the Triangle area and have been thinking about selling your home, we offer free services just for you, from a free home evaluation to free use of our moving truck.

At Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS®, we use our years of real estate experience, aggressive home marketing, and in-depth knowledge of Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and surrounding communities to help homeowners sell quickly and for the most money possible. Call us today at 919-235-0007 to get your home sold.

Ironman Triathlon in Raleigh

Ironman Logo


Ironman in Raleigh
On Sunday, May 31st, Raleigh will host its third Ironman triathlon event. This particular event is actually a “half” ironman with distances of a 1.2 mile swim in Jordan Lake, 56 mile bike ride, and a half marathon of 13.1 miles finishing in downtown Raleigh near the convention center. This course totals 70.3 miles, making a full Ironman double the length described! Not only do they have the professionals racing, but they also have an option for Ironkids ages 3-15! If you happen to be around town and see one of the pro or kid athletes, congratulate them on a job well done.

Spectator Guide and Road Closings
If you are curious about the details of where you can be a spectator, what roads may be closed and when, transition areas, and shuttles please click on the link above for all the details needed to get what’s needed to share in the experience of the day. They also utilize social media (Facebook, Twitter) for updated as well.

Fast Times
To put it in perspective, one of the recent Half Ironman top winners (Andy Potts) had a swim time of 21 minutes for 1.2miles, a bike time of just over 2 hours for 56 miles, and a run time of 1hr 15min for a half marathon distance. WOW! This upcoming Raleigh event on May 31st has 2,500 athletes from 30 countries trying to qualify for 30 spots to advance to the championship in Austria.

Linda Craft & Team is a locally owned real estate company where every dollar earned proudly stays in the community. Our Team is celebrating its’ 30th Anniversary and leading the Triangle in 2014 as the #1 Team for previously owned homes SOLD! We would love to help you too! Please call our office today to set up a free consultation with one of our expert team members.




Triangle Area Experts : NC Severe Weather

Ready NC Logo
Even though we’ve had our share of snow recently, it’s already time to think about a different type of serious weather. This week (March 1-7) is Severe Weather Preparedness Week. Governor McCrory encouraged everyone in the Triangle to participate in a tornado drill on Wednesday, March 4th. Last year, NC issued 81 tornado warnings and recorded 36 tornadoes. Sometimes, there is very little warning as storms move and change quickly.

Tornado Watch vs. Tornado Warning

Do you know the difference between a tornado “watch” and a “warning”? When we receive these notices through the television, radio, or our mobile devices it’s important to understand the terminology so you can act accordingly. A “watch” means that the conditions are favorable for a tornado. It hasn’t happened in this specific area yet, but there is a strong chance it could. A “warning” means that a tornado is happening right now close to your location – take shelter immediately. The local news channels also have apps, storm trackers, and various methods to utilize technology and cell phone GPS ability to pinpoint warnings/watches down to specific neighborhoods.

ReadyNC.org for more information

At the bottom of the ReadyNC website, there are links to emergency plans for families, seniors, and even how to include pets (as they are family too!). They utilize various social media outlets effectively in getting out their message to everyone in NC. They also have a checklist for an emergency kit that everyone – individuals and businesses – should have handy. It’s better to have it and not need it, than to be lacking when it’s really important.

Linda Craft & Team is your area Triangle expert! We know our city and we know real estate! For your home buying and home selling needs, Linda Craft & Team REALTORS is your Triangle area expert. Call us today for a free consultation today! 919.235.0007