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Sometimes Less Is More: Why Do Some Buyers Prefer Smaller Homes?

Key Takeaways: People are spending more time at home due to the global pandemic, which has many homeowners reconsidering their home size preferences.  Older homeowners can use their equity to invest in homes that better fit their evolving needs.  Need guidance navigating today’s housing market? Contact Linda Craft & Team at 919-235-0007 for more information […]

As the Average Rent in Raleigh Increases… It Might Be Time to Look Into Buying

While renting has a number of unique benefits, it also has one big disadvantage in the Raleigh area: it’s skyrocketing. While rent prices have gone up significantly every year since 2005, the average mortgage payment has actually decreased since then. In fact, according to Core Logic, the average rent has increased by 36% between 2005 […]

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