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Staging Your Home To Sell It Faster and For More Money

In today’s competitive real estate market I know it is important for my sellers to put their best foot forward. Buyers have a lot of choice and they make that choice on how they “feel” about a home. Buying is emotionally driven. Therefore your home is in a beauty contest competing against a lot of other homes trying to capture the heart of the same buyer. There are four key elements in selling. One of them is “presentation”.

Research shows that well-staged homes sell 50% faster than non-staged homes and at 3 to 10 percent more. Staged homes get better offers because they simply create positive emotions. Buyers are looking for the perfect home and will keep looking until they find one. Staging helps make a home look perfect. Buyers are also looking for the best price and home staging supports the value of a home and encourages top dollar with very little cost to the seller. With staging a small home which has an unconventional floor plan can be showcased to maximize the property’s unique features. And, home staging is designed to keep potential buyers in the home longer. The longer potential buyer tours a home, the more likely they will make an offer. Professionally staged homes also show better than other homes in the same neighborhood which gives your home leverage with buyers looking in a particular area.

I am so impressed with the stagers I use to prepare my listings. I use to go out to sellers homes and tell them what to pack, paint, where to place furniture and what to get rid of. I actually thought I was pretty good until I started working with a true professional. Oh my gosh—what a difference! Stagers know how to maximize presentation. So before you take any pictures, virtual tours or bring the first buyer across your threshold make sure you are really ready. I encourage all of my sellers to slow down. Don’t rush to get a sign in the yard. Let’s get the house ready first. We only have one shot at a good first impression and the first few buyers through the door will be the most motivated and qualified. We do not want to lose them to a house down the street that invested an hour or two with a stager.

Give me a call if you need a referral to a good stager. They can also come in after you buy your new home to help you place furniture and hang all those pictures you can’t figure out what to do with. My office number is 919-235-0007.

Hope you have a great day!


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