New Home Raleigh

I flew into my birth town, Evansville, Indiana, to surprise my 77 year old mother for Mother’s Day this year. My brother picked me up at the airport on Saturday and he had invited Mother to meet him for dinner at 5 pm. (The time all elderly people seem to enjoy dining the most) I had sent her a card with a note stating that her present was coming in a separate delivery and to keep an eye out for it. She was totally surprised when she walked up to the table and saw me sitting there. It felt good to pull off such a big surprise and even better to see her so happy.. I spent all day Sunday “spoiling her” to quote my mom. We went to lunch on Sunday, shopping where we found several new outfits for her and then to dinner that evening where my brother joined us.. It was a wonderful 48 hour visit with her but, it was sad to see so many for sale signs and very few sold signs to go with them in my home town. I can’t help but, study real estate where ever I go. I love my mom but, real estate is my passion. Only 45 sales were reported in the local paper that week in Vanderburg, County. On the plane ride back to Raleigh, I sat next to a nice man from Michigan and he was sharing with me how bad the real estate market is in his area. It made me very thankful to live in Raleigh, NC where are market has only fallen a couple of percent and inventory is 3 months to 10 months in some zip codes with a great job market to absorb the over abundance quickly. Experts believe Raleigh will have the over abundance gone within 6 to 12 months and prices will remain relatively stable until then. I hope the experts are correct for Raleigh homes and that your area will bounce back soon too. New home construction has slowed down around the country and this will help re-sales have a better chance of selling faster.


I have some tips I tell my sellers to do to maximize buyer appeal and increase their chances of selling faster and for more money. Whenever you are trying to sell please email me and I would be happy to email them to you.  I hope my tips will help you too and that you had a great Mother’s Day as well.

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